Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Blog Web Hosting Services

iPowerWeb is known around the world for its superior web hosting services. Did you know that iPowerWeb also provides web hosting for blog owners? The answer is YES, iPowerWeb hosting plans are also able to host your blog. There are wonderful blogging tools located in every vDeck control panel and all hosting accounts support WordPress and other weblog platforms. This means that for just $7.95 you can setup a new site, sell products on the Internet, manage a blog, and much much more. There is truly no reason why you should not host your site with iPowerWeb.If you are looking for a blog web hosting provider or a hosting provider in general, iPowerWeb is the way to go. With iPowerWeb your pages will load at lightning speeds, you will have access to the web hosting industry's best support, great website tutorials, an award-winning control panel, many free tools, and much much more.
Whether you are considering starting a blog, an eCommerce website or even both - go with iPowerWeb and you will not be disappointed. To learn more about setting up a blog with your web hosting account, please contact us directly at 888-511-HOST.


Anonymous said...

I love using blogger.com but iPowerweb is a solid provider. Very reliable and cheap. My friends uses you guys for hosting and loves it, but I just use blogger....I will eventually come to Ipowerweb though

Anonymous said...

Blogs are fuuuunnnnnnnn

Anonymous said...

www.1and1.com is a must avoid web hosting.

I'm too had a lot of bad experiences with 1and1.com

www.1and1.com host TWO web sites for us

On July 31st, I was send an email to a mailing list from website B without knowing what the hell i was doing, and 1and1.com considers that is spam and 1and1 lock my email account, complete disable both website email, which is understandable

After numeric calls to support center. A completely wasting my time and effort. Every calls I got the same msg: I'm forwarding your requested to admin, please wait.. balh blah.

After two days of calling and email, I moved website A to different web host company, so my email account for website A was out for 3-4 days

August 15, fifteen days later, someone name Mike called me after I wrote several emails. Mike explains the Admin in US though Admin in German was to unlock my site and 1and1 pretty much drop the ball, and my email was lock for more than fifteen days. Mike apologized for the oversight

The Website B email was unlock the same day! Great

On the Sept 12 my Website B was completely block, no access to the host period.

Call the center want to know why (i though I forget to pay the bill). BTW there is no notify email send to me to explain why the account was block.

The support team forward the notify email to me this time, to my surprise

My site is block because of the same email I send back in July 31st!

This is unfair! I had paid the penalty for 15 days

I think someone in 1and1 smoke too much weed or just simply lazy to read and do his/her job correctly

I wrote several email and send to every email account of 1and1, to demand unlock so I can get the Atho No to move my website and no longer want their service

Guess what ! No one reply. where 1and1 advertises 24/7 support! What a joke!

Definitely web host to stay away!