Tuesday, August 7, 2007

We Transfer Your Domain Name For Free

Every day hundreds of people join iPowerWeb to receive the best web hosting services in the world. Every iPowerWeb hosting account includes many great features that are solely available to iPowerWeb customers. All plans are priced at extremely low prices and the level of support and reliability is the best in the entire web hosting industry. By visiting www.iPowerWeb.com you may notice that we advertise that every BusinessPro account comes with "Free Transfer" for our clients that have transferred their already existing websites from one hosting provider to us. When we say Free Transfer we are referring to the transfer of your domain name from your existing web hosting provider to iPowerWeb. If you have ever had a website or have a basic understanding of web hosting, you are probably aware that your domain name can be registered with one company while that same domain name could be hosted elsewhere. For example, you could register your domain name with Register.com and at the same time have that domain name hosted by iPowerWeb.
So if your domain name was originally registered with another company and you are now planning on switching service providers and come to iPowerWeb, iPowerWeb will transfer your domain name for absolutely FREE.

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