Monday, August 27, 2007

Female World Leaders

There are only 10 female world leaders in the entire world. When you consider the number of women in the world, this is a very small number. The following is the list of ten in no special order.

1. Portia Simpson-Miller
Prime Minister of Jamaica
In Charge Since: 2006

2. Angela Merkel
Federal Chancellor of Germany
In Charge Since: 2005
Age: 53

3. Mary McAleese
President of Ireland
In Charge Since: 1997
Age: 56

4. Michelle Bachelet
President of Chile
In Charge Since: 2006
Age: 55

5. Micheline Calmy-Rey
President of Switzerland
In Charge Since: 2006
Age: 62

6. Helen Clark
Prime Minister of New Zealand
In Charge Since 1999
Age: 57

7. Luisa Dias Diogo
Prime Minister of Mozambique
In Charge Since: 2004
Age: 49

8. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
President of Liberia
In Charge Since: 2005
Age: 68

9. Tarja Halonen
President of Finland
In Charge Since: 2000
Age: 63

10. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
President of the Philippines
In Charge Since: 2001
Age: 60

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Anonymous said...

This is not right - Lets make changes, hopefully America can have a female president day