Saturday, August 25, 2007

iPhone Unlocked

The iPhone by Apple has surely made an everlasting impact on celluar phones and communication. The phone was released less than 2 months ago by Apple and is strictly available to AT&T wireless customers, although this may not be for too long. This is because the phone was unlocked by 17 year old New Jersey man names George Hotz. Hotz has definitely made some buzz all over the world by explaining the entire unlocking process on his blog. AT&T and Apple have a two year exclusivity agreement on the iPhone and its service although the work of George Hotz may make a difference on how the iPhone will be used going forward. Hotz uncracked the iPhone in order to be able to use the widely popular phone on T-Mobiles wireless network, a competitor of AT&T.
George Hotz decided to put the unlocked iPhone for sale on eBay in order to fix his existing 3000GT or get a new one as well as purchase iPhones for all the people that helped him in this project. Here is the final update on Hotz's selling of the iPhone. George Hotz decided to sell the cell phone for a Nissan 350z and 3 8GB iPhones. From this perspective it seems like a wonderful deal for George Hotz, not only does he get new iPhones to unlock he will also get a Nissan 350z. Congratulations to George Hotz for accomplishing what was believed to be an impossible task and also getting a new car in the process.


Anonymous said...

unlocked iPhone. superb!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome post. Thanks for sharing:)