Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Designing a Great Website

Having a good domain name is highly valuable when you have your own website. A quality domain name go a long way to help your website succeed. Although the domain name is only a part of the entire equation regarding the success of a website. One extremely important factor when starting a new website, is the design of the actual site. You want to design a site that is easy to navigate, clean, converts well, and sends your message across. If you are an iPowerWeb customer, you are most likely aware that every iPowerWeb shared web hosting account comes with a free web builder which helps you create a professional looking website in just minutes. Although if for some reason our web builder tool is not enough for you and you are looking for more features to be included with the design of your website, you may need to look elsewhere for web design. A great website with useful information on building a "Killer" website is KillerSites is a wonderful web design resource that can help you create the ideal website. The KillerSites website includes video web design tutorials, web design quotes, templates, and a free web design newsletter. If you are looking to design a new site or wish to redesign your existing website, visit KillerSites for web design wonderful website design resources.


Eldad's blog said...

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Anonymous said...

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