Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ending January

Believe it or not, February is right around the corner. We have one day left in the month of January. Don't forget that we are in a leap year and will add an extra day to the month of February and if you are wondering whether or not IPOWERWEB support will be available on February 29th - the answer is yes. IPOWERWEB support is available by phone or via email all the time.

Secure User Information With IPOWERWEB

We understand that the Web can be a scary place for many people, particularly beginners to the Web. We regularly hear stories of hackers stealing important and highly valuable customer information from many Internet companies. Even the best companies that spend millions (in some cases even billions) of dollars on information security still may experience a breach in security. At IPOWERWEB we can tell you that we have never sold or released any customer information and do our best to make sure this never happens. We have protected our user information with layers of highly advanced security technologies and take great pride in the fact that all of our users are protected.

Dell Closing All Shopping Mall Kiosks

So earlier today we told you that Yahoo officially plans on laying off about 1,000 employees. We now are hearing that Dell is planning on closing all 140 of its shopping mall kiosks. So if you planned on getting your next Dell computer at a shopping mall you will have to find a new location to do so. One place that won't be closing in the near future is their web site,

Check The Weather via Google

Google has made it easier to check the weather for any city in the world. All you have to do is visit and search for "City Name Weather". For example if you want to see what the weather is like in Seattle, Washington all you have to do is search for "Seattle Weather".

This is what it would look like if you search for weather information for any city.

If you are in need of weather information and don't want to go through multiple pages of a web site in order to retrieve the information, all you have to do is just search the city's name followed by 'weather' on Google and you will be good to go.

Election Time: John Edwards To Quit Presidential Race

It now looks like the only two remaining candidates for the Democratic nomination are Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. This is because John Edwards has decided to drop out of the presidential race. It is unknown if he will be endorsing any candidate, we will have to wait and see. 

It's Official, Yahoo To Lay Off 1,000 Employees

On the 22nd of January we reported that Yahoo was planning to lay off hundreds of its employees, we now know that number is 1,000. This is according to a statement by Yahoo's CEO Jerry Yang. It is unknown which divisions of the company are going to be hit the hardest, only time will tell. It's quite sad but a reality and hopefully this can help the company head in the right direction. 
With Google being Yahoo's main competitor it surely is not a simple task for Yahoo to continue growing at a high rate. Best of luck.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

MacBook Air Now Shipping

The latest addition to the MacBook family, the MacBook Air, has begun its journey to become the next big thing for Apple. If you pre-ordered the MacBook Air you will most likely be receiving the new (extremely thin) computer in the coming days.

How Important Are. EDU Links

Many people involved in search engine optimization feel that links coming from .edu domain names are more valuable than links from a .com, .net, .org or virtually any other domain name extension. Well know we know some new information that may change the way people look at .edu links. 
A Googler has explained that links coming from .edu domain names do not receive greater attention than a link from any other domain name extension. 
A reason for why people may have believed .edu links are more valuable may be due to the reason that many .edu domain names have high Google PageRank or rank well. But then again the authority of PageRank via the Google Toolbar is a whole other subject. In short, if you are trying to get links don't just focus on .edu sites. The Internet is filled with valuable web sites willing to link to yours.

Election Time: Results From Florida

For those of you who are interested, John McCain won the Republican primary for the state of Florida and Hillary Clinton won the Democratic primary. McCain will receive 57 delegates while Hillary Clinton will receive no convention delegates.

Optimization For Big Web Sites

We all understand the importance of search engines when it comes to getting our web site ranked. Having high search engine rankings for related (popular) terms is very crucial and may seem like a difficult task at the beginning. Remember to be patient and if you are optimizing a larger web site, by larger we mean a site with hundreds of pages, don't just focus on one section. Rather, you should try to place emphasis on every page of your web site and focus on the entire web site.
As we said earlier, optimization may seem somewhat scary and even more so if you have a very large web site. Do your best to have a good plan and all you have to do is implement it. Of course it's easier said than done.

Election Time: Florida Democratic Primary

Just as today is the Florida Republican primary it is also the Florida Democratic primary, where voters Democratic voters will have the opportunity to select Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Mike Gravel or Barack Obama to represent their party in the upcoming race for the U.S. presidency.
The Democratic Party penalized the state of Florida because the state legislature moved its primary from February 5th (Super Tuesday) to January 29th (today). The state of Florida will have no delegates at the 2008 Democratic National Convention and the candidates, other than Mike Graves, have not campaigned in the state.

Election Time: Florida Republican Primary

Today is the Florida Republican primary and the winner will have all 57 delegates. This means that Florida is an important state for all Republican candidates due to its delegate power and potential momentum gained from victory. According to the latest polls Mitt Romney and John McCain are in a dead heat and we will have to wait and see who will come out victorious tonight. Who knows, it may be neither of them...

Monday, January 28, 2008

President Bush To Deliver Final State of the Union Address

Tonight will mark the final State of the Union address given by President Bush before members of the United States Congress and other distinguished individuals. The speech will begin at 9 PM Eastern and will be televised throughout the world.

Google Helps Celebrate 50 Years of Lego

If you visit today you will notice a different logo, it is one made out of Lego’s. It is believed that Google’s founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have a great appreciation for Lego’s and this can be seen by simply heading to Google’s web site today.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Baidu Still China's Search Engine Leader

According to Analysis International, a global research firm, Baidu was the leading search engine in China during the fourth quarter of 2007. Baidu led the Chinese search engine industry with 60.1 percent of the Chinese search engine market share and was followed by Google who came in second with a 25.9 percent share. Yahoo followed Google with 9.6 percent. 

Get Your MacBook Air This Tuesday

For all of you that have been waiting for the MacBook Air, we have great news. The MacBook Air will be available for purchase this coming Tuesday at your local Apple retail store. The Air is the latest addition to the MacBook family and in terms of looks it is a beautiful computer. The MacBook Air is currently regarded as the world's thinnest laptop.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Election Time: South Carolina Democratic Primary

The South Carolina primary for the democratic party will be held today. Here are some results from prior primaries:

1992: Bill Clinton won the South Carolina Democratic Primary with approximately 69 percent of the vote

2000: Al Gore won with 92 percent of the vote

2004: John Edwards won with 45 percent of the vote

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sprint Executives Being Laid Off

Sprint, a U.S. based cellular phone service provider just announced that it will be laying off several executives in an effort to revive the sinking company. The company's chief financial officer, chief marketing officer, and its president of sales and distribution will all be stepping down tomorrow. Sprint lost 639,000 postpaid customers in the fourth quarter and the current job cuts are surely in an effort to help the company. Whether the company can bounce back, we will have to wait and see.

FCC 700MHz Auction Begins Today

According to various news sites, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will begin its 700 megahertz wireless auction today. The auction is expected to raise at least $10 billion for the U.S. government. There are many qualified bidders participating in this auction, such as Google, AT&T, Verizon, and Qualcomm.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Internet Real Estate

Domain names are and should be regarded as valuable online real estate. Many domain names can sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars and this trend will continue for a VERY long time. It is great to have the best domain name possible for your web site, but you should also consider having the best domain names available on the Internet as well. Having one domain name for your business is great and this is fine, but as the Internet continues to grow, domain names are like real estate - just cheaper. You won't need a mortgage in order to pay for your domain names and if you are lucky, your domain names can pay themselves off quite quickly. At IPOWERWEB you can register a brand new domain name for only $6.50 for one year. YES that's true, only $6.50 per year for one domain name. So domain names can actually be very cheap real estate - but the profits can be greater than the actual profits of land real estate if done right. Hundreds of people register new domain names with IPOWERWEB and setup web hosting accounts. But please remember that you are not required to have a web hosting account in order to properly register domain names. You can simply park a domain name and maintain ownership of a domain name for as long as you wish.

Music Web Hosting Services

Rarely do you come across a web site that is made of just text. Most web sites have both images and text and a growing number of web sites no incorporate music download or streaming services. This means that if you have a web site and have plans to provide music via your web site, your web hosting provider should definitely be able to support the upload and download of music on their servers. If you host your web site with IPOWERWEB you don't have to worry about having music on your web site, IPOWERWEB supports music on web sites (as long as it is legal). In many cases providing music can be a great way to gain traffic to your web site and at IPOWERWEB we are all about making your web site the best it can possibly. If you want to offer music downloads via your web site, as an IPOWERWEB web hosting user you are welcome to do so. We recommend that you do your best to stay within your plans bandwidth limitations, in the case of most Business Pro users you now have 15000GB of transfer space. 15000GB should be more than enough bandwidth to play around with, therefore you won't have to worry about limitations with regards to your web hosting plan. In order to learn more about hosting your web site with IPOWERWEB or if you are already an IPOWERWEB web hosting user and wish to speak with our support department, give us a call at 888-511-HOST.

TV Ads With Google

Many people are aware that you can advertise on almost any keyword searched on Google. Via the Google AdWords program, users can have their company seen by people all over the world on almost any search engine result landing page. Well now Google is bringing a similar concept to TV advertising. According to Nielsen Media Research the average U.S. person watches 4.5 hours of TV each day. With TV reaching 98% of U.S. households, promoting your brand via TV ads may be a very lucrative move. The program for TV Ads via Google AdWords is currently in Beta. It is a very interesting concept and may turn out to be a wonderful way for any small or medium sized business to get a TV presence. Best of all, if you don’t already have a TV ad Google can help you make one. To learn more visit

Have a Message That Sticks

We all have heard songs that just can’t leave our head. You know what we are talking about, that chorus that just sticks with us for hours (maybe even days). Such songs may seem annoying, but they do a wonderful job in getting a certain thing stuck in your head. When marketing your business and web site you should think the same way. You should work to spread your message and get your story stuck to the minds of your potential users. Great marketing and ideas are able to stick in the heads of consumers, don’t forget this. Next time you are strategizing your marketing initiatives – make sure what you do sticks.

Free Year of RatePoint

At IPOWERWEB we are always working to provide our users with the best products and services available. As we have said in the past, and you can probably notice by simply visiting our web site, our web hosting plans continuously evolve to meet the needs of our users. We are glad to announce that every IPOWERWEB Business Pro plan now comes with a free year of RatePoint. Just like we provide our users with a credit for Yahoo Search Marketing and Google AdWords, IPOWERWEB users can now get a free year of RatePoint. RatePoint is an innovative customer-review system valued at $149 per year. But of course, free for the first year because you host your web site with IPOWERWEB.

The More The Better

Our Business Pro plan is growing. Not only in terms of users but also in features. When you purchase your next Business Pro web hosting plan you will receive tons of store space and bandwidth. We have updated our storage quotas to 150GB and our bandwidth quotas to 15000GB!!!
Space should surely never be an issue if you are hosting your web site with IPOWERWEB. We work to be the best web hosting provider in the world. The features of our web hosting packages grow as the demands of our customers do. Our plans continue to evolve and be the best they can possibly be at all times. To learn more about our web hosting plans visit our web site at

Free Email Support

If you have a web hosting plan with IPOWERWEB, you have the luxury to use our award-winning technical support department to help you solve any issue you may have. IPOWERWEB technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By emailing support at - you will have a web hosting professional assist you in resolving any issues/concerns you may have. Make sure to email us at anytime. We work hard to resolve any issue you present to us as soon as possible. Being one of the world's largest web hosting providers, our support department is very large. We have representatives available all day every day, ready to serve you. At IPOWERWEB we want to make sure that your web site is the best it can possibly be, if there is anything you ever need - email us.

Long Term Web Design

It is quite difficult to design the perfect web site in one shot. If there even is such a thing as a perfect web site. Web design takes work and it is difficult to predict how the general public will react to your web site. In some cases right when you publish your web site you may notice that users enjoy what you have done. Whereas in other cases this may be anything but the case. When working on the design of a web site, always remember that it will take at least a few trys before you get the web site right. In many cases it may never be perfect, but at least you can work to get close. Don't discontinue working on your web site after the first time you publish, look at your web stats and listen to your users in order to understand what direction to head in. Web design is a long term project, as long as you have a web site you should be focusing on design.

Make Money Via Your Web Site

Making money over the Internet may be easy for some people and difficult for others. If you have a web site, you can actually make money without doing anything. All that you need to know is setup a Google AdSense account and allow Google to run ads on your web site. Every time a user clicks on your ads, you will receive money from AdSense. The more people that click on your ads - the more money you make. In theory this means that if you are able to drive tons of traffic to your web site you should be able to get tons of clicks, which will lead to lots of money. Google AdSense is a great program to earn money via your web site and if you own a web site, definitely consider it. You control where the ads go and can stop serving Google ads at any time.

Go Live ASAP

The Internet gives every web site owner the opportunity to reach any person throughout the world fast, very fast. If you have a web site or are considering starting your own site/portal – get your web site up and running as soon as possible. There is not enough time to go through multiple stages of editing, it’s much wiser to publish first and edit as you are live. Making your site as perfect as possible once you understand what your users are looking for. The rules for the Internet have changed and will continue to evolve. What worked in 1999 may not necessarily work today and what works today may not necessarily work in 2015.
When you begin working on your next project make sure to get your web site pages up as soon as possible. In business it may not be the best to be the first, but it surely does not reward to be the last. Work hard and work fast and the results will be great. Don’t be afraid to make changes to your web site once your web site is live. Almost every successful web site makes changes on a regular basis and does not maintain the status quo for long periods.

Longer Term, Lower Price

The average monthly price for web hosting services continues to decrease. In many cases if you are looking for a web hosting provider you can have your site hosted at no cost, yes free web hosting. In most cases the free web hosting providers have tremendous control of your web site and have the luxury to run ads throughout your page(s). This is one core reason why free web hosting is not the most popular way to get your site seen throughout the Internet. Why would you want another company controlling what goes on your web site?
At IPOWERWEB your web site is controlled by you. This means that you make all the changes and updates as well as control what the entire world can and cannot see. Our web hosting prices have remained the same since day one and you don’t have to worry about getting the best deal with us. Everyday is a great day to get your new IPOWERWEB web hosting package. Best of all the longer you purchase your web hosting plan for, the less you pay. For example, if you purchase the 24 month plan of our Business Pro web hosting plan you will only be required to pay $6.95 per month. This is compared to the regular price of $7.95 per month with a 12 month plan for the Business Pro plan.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Yahoo Planning To Lay Off Workers

Word is spreading all over the Internet that Yahoo is planning on laying off hundreds of employees this year. It's never good news to hear that people will be losing jobs but we must consider the company's position along with the status of the economy. Yahoo laying off hundreds of employees is not the first case of a global company cutting jobs and it most likely won't be the last. It is very difficult for any company, including Yahoo, to go head to head with Google. At the moment it's uncertain which departments will be experiencing the most cuts, but Yahoo does plan to focus its business on a few crucial areas. A guess would be that they will continue placing great emphasis on search engine quality, but the rest is really unknown. Stay tuned to learn more.

Index Update For Yahoo Search

According to the Yahoo Search Blog, Yahoo has updated its index and users should expect to see some changes to rankings in the next few days. This is said to be the first index update of the year and it surely won’t be the last. Such updates generally impact the way Yahoo crawls, indexes, and ranks web pages.

Monday, January 21, 2008

iPhone Goes Corporate

If you own a business or work for one and have been wanting the iPhone to offer business plans, you no longer have to wait. Apple has announced that the iPhone has gone corporate and their are special pricing arrangements for corporate clients with AT&T. 
So here's the deal for all corporate iPhone customers.

You need to have a 2 year commitment, with voice and data service. If you activate your plan by March 31st you will receive a monthly service credit of $25 thru December 31, 2008.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

We at IPOWERWEB would like to wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Former President of the United States of America Ronald Reagan made the birthdate of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. a federal holiday on November 2, 1983. The holiday was first observed in 1986. IPOWERWEB is open today, just like every other day in the year. If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call at 888-511-HOST. 

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Super Bowl Teams Chosen

We now know which two NFL teams will compete in the upcoming Super Bowl which will take place in at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. The teams involved in Super Bowl XLII will be the New England Patriots and the New York Giants. The Super Bowl game will be played on February 3, 2008. The upcoming game will be a rematch of both teams final regular season game where the Patriots defeated the Giants 38-35 and completed their undefeated regular season.

Order Pizza Via Your Cell Phone

Pizza Hut has followed its competitors like Domino's and Papa John's by beginning to allow its customers to order pizza for delivery via their cellular phones. The Pizza Hut program is called the "Total Mobile Access" program and in order to work customers must register their cell-phone numbers via the Pizza Hut web site.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Election Time: Nevada Democratic Caucus

Today, January 19th, 2008, marks the Nevada state Democratic caucus which exists to elect the presidential candidate to represent the Democratic party in the upcoming U.S. presidential elections. If you are able to vote and wish to do so, you will be able to select the presidential candidate to represent the Democratic party when eligible voters will vote for the next U.S. president this November.

Election Time: Nevada Republican Caucus

Today is the caucus for the Nevada state Republican party. If you are a republican and eligible to vote, today is your chance to vote for the candidate to represent the Republican party in the upcoming United States presidential election.

Election Time: South Carolina Republican Primary

Today is the primary for South Carolina and the Republican presidential candidates for the United States. If you live in South Carolina and are eligible, today is your chance to select the Republican presidential candidate for your state of South Carolina.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Have a Safe and Wonderful Long Weekend

Monday is a federal holiday marking the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. Most places will be closed on Monday, but not IPOWERWEB. If you need any help with your web site or web hosting account please remember that we are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Baidu Domain Name Registration Services

Baidu, a popular search engine in China (some even regard Baidu as the Google of China), has recently become an accredited domain name registrar through the China Internet Network Information Center also known as the CNNIC. Is this important in terms of your search engine ranking? There is no proof at this moment, although there is belief that the search engines do use whois information as part of their ranking algorithms. But at the same time a search engine like Baidu may have become a registrar in order to register domain names internally. The reasons for why Baidu and other search engines are registrars are not known to the general public and in most cases it does not effect many people directly. Just continue optimizing your web site and practice search engine optimization within the terms and conditions set by the major search engines.

If you wish to have a new domain name registered or transferred to IPOWERWEB, don't forget that we provide domain name registration services for only $6.50 per year. Yes only $6.50 per year. In most states you can't even purchase two gallons of gas for $6.50, so if you are considering registering some new domain names check out IPOWERWEB and our line of domain name and web hosting products and services.

4 Million iPhones and Counting

During his speech at MacWorld this past Tuesday, Steve Jobs (the CEO of Apple) announced that Apple has sold four million iPhones since its release this past summer. Yes 4 million iPhones in less than one year. On average Apple sells 20,000 iPhones per day. The iPhone has truly changed the cell phone industry and has become a wonderful product for Apple as well as the cellular phone carriers which support it.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Gmail Issues Lately? Here's a Fix

Many Gmail users that use Internet Explorer 7 may have been experiencing issues when attempting to login to Gmail. Well good news, sort of. The problem is yet to be resolved by the Gmail team but their is a patch to the problem in the meantime. Use the following steps to access your Gmail account if you can't do so the typical (basic) way.

1. Use IE7 to access the newer version of Gmail at
2. Set your IE7 preferences to always clear your cache when you close IE.
3. Use IE7 to access the classic version of Gmail at
4. Access your account with another browser such as Mozilla Firefox.

Hopefully this helps. If not you may have to wait until the Gmail team fixes the current issue with accessing Gmail via IE7.

Target the Right People

In many cases it is not best to have a marketing campaign that is intended for all people of the world regardless of age, sex, religion, and color. Rather than trying to get the attention of every single person, you as an Internet marketer should try to tailor your marketing campaigns to reach those who actually would consider your product/service. For example, it does not make sense to market foods for infants to 12 year old boys (at least in most cases). Instead a marketing campaign for a company that sells food for infants should be targeted to the people who actually purchase the food, parents. This may seem quite obvious but when marketing your web site, you should never forget this. Too many people try to be the perfect company for every person in the world and in most cases this model fails. Therefore next time you discuss and implement your next marketing campaign, make sure to target the right people. Always remember that the more people you reach the more likely you are to reach the wrong people.

Apple Introduces the MacBook Air

At the annual MacWorld event, Steve Jobs (Apple's CEO) introduced the newest computer to the Apple laptop family, the MacBook Air. The MacBook Air is the world's thinnest laptop and can be pre-ordered at a starting price of $1799. The MacBook Air is said to include/exceed many of the features that come with most other MacBook's, but in this case it is far smaller.

Don't Be Afraid to Interview Your Surgeon

When preparing for surgery, especially if it is an emergency, one of the last things a person would probably do is interview the surgeon(s) that will be performing the surgery on them. But in fact this may not be the correct thing to do, if possible you should do your best to interview the surgeon performing surgery on you in order to feel secure and confident in your doctor. Just a few questions can make a tremendous difference. Hopefully you will never have to be in this situation but in case something does arise, remember to interview your surgeon if possible.

Spam Results in Google

If you search Google on a regular basis, on occasion you may come across a spam site listed for a query and you don't know how to handle the situation. Well know you do. You can inform Google of a spam result by filing a report via this web page. Google works quite hard to make sure their search engine results are as good as possible although no person (or computer is perfect), that is why you can help fix the results displayed by Google via their spam result reporting  page. By the way, don't expect Google to get back to you by filing a report and in some cases Google may not consider the report.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.

This day in the year 1929 was the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a great influence on American history and was one of the main leaders of the American civil rights movement, he passed away on April 4, 1968. In 1964 Martin Luther King Jr. was the youngest person ever to receive a Nobel Peace Prize.

Election Time: Michigan Primary

Today is the 2008 Michigan primary which will result in the state of Michigan favoring a certain Republican candidate at the National Convention. Michigan decided to move its primary date to January 15 (today) in order to (potentially) have greater influence in the presidential candidate nominating process.
The 2008 Republican National Convention will occur on September 1-4, 2008 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
The 2008 Democratic National Convention will be held in Denver Colorado on August 25-28th, 2008.

Monday, January 14, 2008

MacWorld Conference and Expo Starts Tomorrow

Every year thousands of people attend MacWorld in order to be surrounded by fellow Mac enthusiasts and learn about the latest and upcoming news from Apple. The first MacWorld expo was in 1985 and has always been located in San Francisco, California. Last year at MacWorld, Steve Jobs (Apple's CEO) introduced the Apple iPhone and Apple TV to the world. With such high standards set in years past, Apple will have some big shoes to fill this coming year and Mac enthusiasts must be very excited to see and hear what's going to be in store for Apple tomorrow.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Increase The Speed of Your Web Site

Who wants a slow web site? Hopefully not many people. A slow web site does not only look good to your users but it may also have a negative effect on your search engine rankings. Generally it is up to your web host to ensure that your web site always loads at the fastest speeds possible. So if you host your web site with IPOWERWEB you should expect to have your web site load at blazing speeds. In some cases we find that our users have many files on their web pages and that the speed at which their web site loads in is not as fast as others, but generally at IPOWERWEB we do a wonderful job of making sure that every web site hosted by us always loads properly and efficiently. 
Not too many people like to wait in order to see a web site and we fully understand this at IPOWERWEB. Every web site we host is located in our award-winning data centers monitored by the best network administrators in the web hosting industry. If you host your web site with us you should feel confident in knowing that your web site will load at the fastest speeds possible at all times.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Search Engine Hot Spots

Having a strong presence on the major search engines priceless. The following image provides you with a break down of the "Golden Triangle" on search engines. The Golden Triangle refers to the area in red, a place that you should work to have your web site positioned.

Fast Search Gets Acquired Microsoft for $1.23 Billion

Microsoft has acquired Fast Search and Transfer ASA, a Norwegian  data search technology company. Fast Search is located in Oslo and it is believed that this acquisition by Microsoft will greatly help the company's Live search engine. 
Fast Search has been in the search engine industry for a while, the company developed AllTheWeb and later sold the search engine to Overture in 2003. 
We will have to wait and see how this deal turns out for Microsoft, so stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

December 2007: Google Still The Leader

The numbers are were not referring to the New Hampshire Primary, we are talking about the search industry leaders for the month of December 2007. The latest figures show Google with a 65.98% of the search industry's US market share in December. Yahoo came in second place, once again, with 20.88% of the US market share and MSN came in third place with 7.04%. came in fourth with 4.14% of searches.
This clearly shows that Google is still the dominant player in the search engine world and no other search engine poses a threat to Googles power.

Is Google TV Next?

We have heard discussions/rumors about a Google Phone. Now we are also hearing rumors about the next big thing to come from Google, Google TV. Yes that's what people are now talking about - Google TV. The new product by Google may be the next new product to enter your household. 
Google has signed a deal with the electronics manufacturer, Panasonic, and will reportedly launch flat-panel televisions which will enable users to watch YouTube videos as well as utilize other Google services.
It is believed that Google TV, just like most other Google products, will come with targeted AdWords advertising.

Google Checkout Fees Starting February 1, 2008

Google Checkout has become a very popular method to accept credit cards via your web site. If your web site is hosted by IPOWERWEB and you do or are considering selling products check out Google Checkout. Currently all Google Checkout sales are free until February 1, 2008. This means that you won't be charged any fees per transaction when sell a product or service via your web site using Google Checkout. Although once February 1, 2008 comes around transactions via Google Checkout will no longer be free, you will have to pay a fee for every single transaction that goes through your web site. The following is the new price breakdown for all Google Checkout transactions as of February 1, 2008.

Sales of up to 10 times your monthly AdWords spend will remain FREE.

Sales in excess of 10 times your monthly AdWords spend will be incur a fee of 2% + $0.20 per transaction.

If you run an e-Commerce web site and are looking for a way to accept payments online, Google Checkout is a great program.

The New Mac Pro

Apple has launched its fastest computer ever, the Mac Pro. The Mac Pro has eight processor cores and is now the ideal computer for any Mac lover. The standard Mac Pro is priced at $2,799.00. 
Please remember that your home or business computer has no impact on the speed or accessibility of your web site hosted by IPOWERWEB. At IPOWERWEB we will host your web site for you and all you should worry about is the design and marketing for your online web site/business. 

Election Time: New Hampshire Primary

Today is the day that the voters of New Hampshire choose their nominees for the US presidential elections that will occur this year. Many other states will hold their primaries in the coming weeks, New Hampshire is the first state to have primaries and its polls will close at 8:00pm EST.

Today in History: Elvis' Birthday

On January 8, 1935 the music legend Elvis Presley was born, also known as "The King". Elvis died at the age of 42 on August 16, 1977 but his music still lives and he remains an international icon.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Wikia Now Open To The Public

Wikia, a search engine founded by Jimmy Wales (the man behind Wikipedia) is officially live in Alpha mode to the public. If you are yet to check out the site we highly recommend you test the search engine and see what you think. This will definitely not be the last search engine created and it will be quite interesting to see how Wikia ends up doing in a market that is significantly controlled by Google.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Don't Forget To Update Your Copyright Year

It's 2008. This means that you should update the copyright year throughout your web site to show 2008. Many web sites still show 2007 as the last copyright year, and some are even more behind, but when you get some time on your hands make sure to update the year. Changing the year from 2007 to 2008 may not seem like a big deal on your web site, but we highly recommend this to be updated as soon possible. Believe it or not your visitors will notice this and if the date is outdated, it may not be a good sign.

Stress Free Web Hosting

If you are new to the Internet or web hosting you may feel somewhat intimidated when you first try to get acquainted with the Web. It may take time to understand and feel comfortable with the Internet and/or web hosting, although over time it should not be a stressful aspect of your life. At IPOWERWEB we work hard to provide the best web hosting services on the planet, this means affordable, reliable, and stress free web hosting for all people. If you have ever hosted a web site with another web site hosting provider, you may feel that web hosting is very complicated and not an easy thing. If you host your web site with IPOWERWEB, it is clearly different. We work to exceed and consistently over-deliver all expectations and work hard to be the greatest web hosting provider in the world.  Stress is not good for anyone and web hosting should never add stress to any persons life. If your current web hosting provider is stressing you out, switch to IPOWERWEB and experience the way web hosting should be. Our plans are affordable and our support is the best. To get started with IPOWERWEB give us a call to learn more about our plans, we are available 24x7 at 888-511-HOST.

Deliver on Promises

At IPOWERWEB we work hard to remain the world's best web hosting provider. We are take great pride in knowing that over 700,000 people throughout the world trust us as their web hosting provider. 
Selling to consumers is not a simple task and generally companies need to make big promises in order to lure customers. At IPOWERWEB it could be said that we do the same. We make many promises to our users as well as potential users, but what makes us different is that we deliver on all of our promises. 
All of our web hosting plans come with our award-winning 24x7 toll-free email and telephone support, an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee, and the most reliable web hosting servers on the planet. These are just a small number of promises we make and keep for our web hosting users, if you wish to learn more about IPOWERWEB and how we operate to be the best web hosting provider in the world, please visit our web site,
As a consumer it is not a simple task to differentiate between companies that are truly exceptional with companies that lie about being great. In the case of IPOWERWEB, a great way to understand how popular and great we are is to look at the overall number of users we have. Over a million people use IPOWERWEB for domain name and web hosting services. Over 700,000 of these people use IPOWERWEB as their web site hosting provider. 
You cannot go wrong with having IPOWERWEB host your web site. We offer solutions for all different types of people and businesses and we truly deliver on all of our promises.

Best Marketing: Word of Mouth

A company can spend millions on advertising and not do as well as a company that virtually spends zero money on advertising. Rather the successful company focuses on operating the best company possible and in turn if its users are satisfied, the users will do the marketing for the company. If you are hosting your web site with an excellent web hosting provider, in many cases you will recommend that hosting provider to people you know who are searching for a new host. 
Word of mouth is one of the best forms of marketing and it generally does not cost any money. Rather than having a company that focuses on the construction of a television commercial, that same company may want to consider focusing on exceeding its users expectations and all its users to do the marketing for them. 
If you have your own company and are planning a marketing strategy, make sure to consider your company's image and performance. A business with great products and services may not have to spend as much advertising money when compared to a company that does not do as well. In no way are we saying word of mouth is the only form of marketing you should focus on, we just feel it is one of the best and most important. Word of mouth may not be able to reach a person or business 5,000 miles away, therefore other forms of advertising are necessary in order to reach those people.
At IPOWERWEB we highly value referrals and word of mouth promotion by our users. That is why we have our Web Hosting Referral Program which gives you a free web hosting account every time you refer three new web hosting users to IPOWERWEB.

Surf The Net For New Ideas

We all know how large the Internet is, VERY LARGE. There are billions of web pages and this number continues to rise rapidly. With the Internet being filled with many unique web sites you should view it as an opportunity to gain new ideas. 
If you own or manage a web site you are also most likely aware that the task of having a "completed" web site can never truly be complete. This is because you want to seem fresh and new and therefore must regularly update your web site. This is a simple concept, but very true. If you want to have a popular and successful web site, the content must be unique and updated on a regular basis. 
In some cases you may find yourself helpless or stuck and need assistance in terms of what direction to head in when it comes to your web site's design... This is where the Internet comes in. 
With the Internet being so large and probably filled with web sites in your same industry, you should use this as an opportunity to analyze the web sites of your competitors and try to learn which web site elements are working for them. Then if you wish you may use these new ideas as new additions to your web site. This does not mean that you should copy your competitors, rather you should seek to improve what your competitors are already doing.
So when you are trying to find new ways to update your web site, products, and your services, check out the Internet. It is constantly growing with new sites that can definitely assist your mind. 

Always Check Your Spelling and Grammar

In business as well as life in general, editing is vital. Many of us tend to overlook the importance of editing although spelling and grammar, but it is surprising how users and customers can unconsciously notice a spelling or grammar error and immediately be turned off by what you offer. To many web site owners and web masters editing and double checking for spelling and grammar is not a main concern, but it surely will become one of your conversion rates or traffic drops due to carelessness in terms of editing. Take time to look through all the text and images throughout your web site and do your absolute best to make sure that all words are spelled and used correctly. 
Many web and computer programs already have spell-check and grammar correction tools installed and in many cases these tools are great to catch errors. But at the same time you should make an effort to manually check the spelling and grammar of the information throughout your web site, you have nothing to lose and lots to potentially gain. Proper spelling and grammar make a huge difference and should always be thought of when you are looking review or update your web site.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

IPOWERWEB Pricing Information

For many the price of a product dictates whether or not that product will be purchased. Of course the quality and level of support is important when it comes to buying web hosting - although we are always seeking the best deal possible. Therefore when it comes to IPOWERWEB web hosting plans and our prices, we have done our best to make sure our plans are as cheap as they can possibly be and that you won't find a different price for our web hosting plans anywhere else. This also means that we have not and will never increase the price of our web hosting plans. The price you see on our web site is the price you will pay for our web hosting products and we guarantee that our IPOWERWEB web hosting plan cannot be found elsewhere for a cheaper price. If your web hosting plan was purchased through IPOWERWEB and you are receiving support from IPOWERWEB, in terms of technical and customer support, you will get the best deal for our web hosting via our web site.
Since providing hosting for our first customer web site in October 2001, we never increased the price of our Business Pro or Windows Pro web hosting plans, our two most popular web hosting solutions. IPOWERWEB is one of the world's fastest growing web hosting companies, this is largely due to the success of both our Business Pro and Windows Pro web hosting plans. If you are in need of a web hosting plan, either the Business Pro or Windows Pro will exceed your needs.

Web Hosting Discount

Everyone is always looking for the best deal possible. Why would you money on something that you can get at a cheaper price? It just does not make sense to overpay. 
This belief applies to almost everything we buy, there is absolutely no reason why we should spend more money. So if you are looking to purchase web hosting and what to find the best deal available on the Net, you are probably asking yourself how you can purchase the web hosting plan you are interested in for a cheaper price. Well, the Internet is filled with great deals. All it takes is a few minutes of research and you may find a deal on the product(s) or service(s) you are looking to purchase. 
In the case of IPOWERWEB, the cheapest price for IPOWERWEB web hosting is always found on our web site By searching all over the Internet looking for a deal, you may find great deals on other products but when it comes to IPOWERWEB web hosting plans - the best price is always advertised by us directly. We don't feel it's right to have several prices for just one product, rather every person in the world can rest assured that they are getting the best deal on IPOWERWEB web hosting when they purchase our Business Pro web hosting package at $7.95 per month.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

We Wish You A Great 2008

We have said this in the past and will say it for the final time this year, we at IPOWERWEB would like to wish a wonderful new year and hope that your celebrations last night were safe. If you ever need help with your web site or IPOWERWEB hosting account(s) feel free to give a phone call at anytime - 888.511.HOST.

25 Years TCP/IP - January 1, 1983

Today is the birthday of the Internet. On January 1, 1983 the move to TCP/IP on the ARPANET took place. TCP/IP is the essential computer networking technology that allows communication between between most of the world's computers. Today is a wonderful day and it's truly amazing to see how much the Internet has expanded in just 25 years.

Church Web Hosting

It has become vital for almost every person, family, business, and organization throughout the world to have a web site. Of course it is possible to succeed without having a web site although if you wish to gain a global presence and have people all over the world learn more about what you do, a web site is great. IPOWERWEB hosts web sites for many churches throughout the world. If you are a manage or are a member of a church and don't have a web site or are looking for a new web hosting provider IPOWERWEB is the right host for you. Our Business Pro web hosting package is the ideal web hosting plan for all churches. Every Business Pro plan comes with a free domain name, 2500 free email accounts, IPOWERWEB's web site builder, 24x7 award winning customer service, and much more. IPOWERWEB would love to host your churches web site, if you wish to learn more about our web hosting products and services, feel free to call us at anytime at 888-511-HOST (4678).