Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Election Time: Florida Democratic Primary

Just as today is the Florida Republican primary it is also the Florida Democratic primary, where voters Democratic voters will have the opportunity to select Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Mike Gravel or Barack Obama to represent their party in the upcoming race for the U.S. presidency.
The Democratic Party penalized the state of Florida because the state legislature moved its primary from February 5th (Super Tuesday) to January 29th (today). The state of Florida will have no delegates at the 2008 Democratic National Convention and the candidates, other than Mike Graves, have not campaigned in the state.

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Anonymous said...

As a Florida registered Democrat, I just want to say that not counting the Florida delegates in the primary would be completely unacceptable. If Obama wins the nomination fair and square with all the Florida primary votes counted, I will probably vote for him. However, if Obama receives the Democratic nomination without the Florida delegates counted, under no circumstances will I vote for him. Instead, I will abstain, vote for an independent, or even seriously consider voting Republican. I am sure many other Florida democrats plan the same action, especially after what happened with Al Gore in 2000!