Sunday, April 27, 2008

Nintendo Wii Not Dropping in Price

Nintendo Wii

It's common to see the price of gaming systems drop after they have been on the market for a few years (or in some cases months). The price of the XBOX and the PS3 have lowered in recent months, while the price of the Nintendo Wii has remained the same. Nintendo is now saying that they have no plans to decrease the price of their popular gaming system. This means that if you are looking to purchase a Wii as part of your weight loss program and don't want to pay full price, you may have to wait a bit longer.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Brand Images on Cell Phone Ads

Google Logo
Blackberry Phone

Google has announced that it has introduced the support for mobile brand-image advertisements according to the keywords people search for on their cell phones. Because cell phone screens are relatively small, Google will only display one image ad per search. Mobile image ads are available in 13 national markets: Australia, China, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, the UK, and the United States.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Check Whois Information via Google


Checking the Whois information for a domain name has just gotten easier. All you have to do is search Google for "Whois" - and let Google do the rest. Google uses Domain Tools for the Whois information and if you click on the Whois search result link, you will be sent to the Domain Tools web site.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Yahoo Reports Quarterly Profits

Yahoo Logo

Yahoo posted its quarterly profit - the company's net income for the first quarter rose to $542.2 million. This is compared with the $142.4 million Yahoo profited in the first quarter of 2007.

Google's Earth Day Logo From 2004

We know what Google's 2008 Earth Day logo looks like, but have you wondered what Google's 2004 Earth Day looked like? Below is an image of Google' 2004 Earth Day logo.

Google 2004 Earth Day Logo

Happy Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated by many people throughout the world. It is day intended to raise awareness about issues that affect the Earth as well as a day of appreciation for the Earth's environment. Some company's have changed their logo/homepage design in honor of Earth Day. Below are some images from around the web.

Google Earth Day

Yahoo Earth Day Logo Earth Day 2008

YouTube Earth Day Logo

Election Time: Pennsylvania Democratic Primary

Not only is today Earth Day, it is also Pennsylvania's Democratic Primary. Registered Democrats in Pennsylvania will have the option to choose between Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama in order to represent the Democratic party in the upcoming presidential election. A total of 187 delegates are at stake and polls will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Check Out Our New Homepage

IPOWERWEB Hosting Homepage

We recently redesigned our homepage and would love to hear what you think. Feel free to leave a comment.
The design of a web site can always be improved. VISIT OUR WEB SITE - IPOWERWEB.

Tests To Improve Your In-flight Experience

Air France
Air France is currently running an in-flight experiment where passengers can not only send and receive messages but also make telephone calls. Passengers on the select AirFrance aircraft will be able to make calls at 30,000 feet. The voice aspect of the trial is believed to go on for about three months. So if you plan on flying with AirFrance you may be able to be a part of this trial.

Google Exceeds Expectations, Again

The first quarter ended on March 31, 2008 for Google and they reported earnings yesterday evening. Google reported revenues of $5.19 billion and a net income of $1.31 billion. Google exceeded expectations and their stock price is on the rise.

AT&T Cutting Workforce

AT&T has announced that it will be cutting 1.5% of its workforce. The layoffs will cost the company $375 million in the first quarter. AT&T reports that one of the reasons for the layoffs is due to the poor economic situation in America.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yahoo Search Marketing Changes its Minimum Bid Format

Yahoo Search MarketingYahoo Search Marketing(YSM) has done away with its universal minimum bids at $0.10 per click. YSM now plans to use a quality metric in order to calculate the minimum bid requirement for each keyword. The quality metric will be based on the following two factors:

1. Value - the number of bidders and their bid amounts in a particular keyword market
2. Quality - the relevance of keywords, or how frequently users click on the ads associated with them relative to competing ads. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Microsoft Live Search Update Underway

It is being reported that MSN's Live search engine is either rolling out a new update or cleaning up its update from late March 2008.
If you are interested in the ranking of your web site on you should definitely do a search to see where your site is located for your related keywords.

Tax Day Is Here

American Flag

Today is April 15th and that means its tax day. Here are some helpful tax day tips:

*Visit the IRS web site and file online -

*Call the IRS for information. Representatives will be available until 10 p.m. at 1-800-829-1040.

*Keep a copy of your completed tax forms.

*Find a post office that will stay open late -

Tax Day Specials

Tax day can be a stressful day for many people. Companies like Dunkin' Donuts, Papa John's, Staples and Office Depot are trying to make it a little better.

Dunkin' Donuts will be giving away free donuts who purchase coffee. Papa Johns will be selling pizza for $10.40. Staples and Office Depot will photo copy your tax forms for free today.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Tomorrow is Tax Day

If you are yet to file your taxes, tomorrow is your last day (unless you are receiving an extension). The deadline for filing state and federal taxes is midnight tomorrow - so if you have procrastinated until now, you are running out of time.
You can always visit the IRS web site to receive more information about filing your taxes.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Google AdWords Ads Now Live on Yahoo Search

On Wednesday we reported that Google and Yahoo were working on a partnership to have Google AdWords ads run on Yahoo. Well it has now been confirmed that the partnership is now live and in effect. AdWords ads are now running on Yahoo's search engine.
If you manage any ad campaigns thru Google you do have the opportunity to disable your ads from running on Yahoo, meaning that all AdWords advertisers are not required to run their ads on Yahoo. It is believed that only 3% of Yahoo's searches will run AdWords ads and the current test will run for about two weeks.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Crude Oil Prices Hit All-Time US High

Most people won't like to hear this, crude oil prices hit an all-time high in the US at $112. 21. At well over $100 per barrel the price of crude oil may lead to even greater bad news for the US.
U.S. gasoline prices don't seem to be declining, the following chart is the latest information presented by the Energy Information Administration.

We Help You Get Your Site on Google...Fast

Google AdWords Credit with Hosting
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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Google Ads on Yahoo?

It is believed that Yahoo will beginning testing Google search ads on its search engine result pages. As you probably know Yahoo and Google are competitors and Microsoft has been attempting to take over Yahoo in recent months. According to a statement by Microsoft, the partnership between Yahoo and Google will "consolidate over 90% of the search advertising market in Google's hands."
It will be quite interesting to see how the relationship between Microsoft and Yahoo plays out.

Less Than a Week Until Tax Day

This year Tax Day will be on April 15, which means income taxes are due to the Federal Government of the United States in less than a week. Last year Tax Day was on April 17 but that is not the case this year. Make sure to have your taxes filed by next Tuesday.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Keyboard Shortcuts When Searching

When using Google Labs in order to perform a search you may notice that you can participate in an experiment where Google will provide you with special keyboard shortcuts each time you search.

Google Shortcuts

Google Labs Shortcuts

67% Of All US Searches By Google in March

Google received approximately 67% of all searches in the US during the month of March (until the 29th). According to Hitwise, Google received 64% of all searches during the month of March 2007 - so things are looking good for Google. Yahoo came in second place for the month of March 2008 with 20%, MSN in third with 7% and in fourth place with 4%. 

Visit Your Local Starbucks Today

You local Starbucks has a surprise for you today - but in order to receive the surprise you must make it to you local Starbucks by Noon (Eastern) or 9am (Pacific).
Here is a link to the Starbucks Store Locator.  

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Windows 7 Coming Next Year

According to Bill Gates, Microsoft is planning on shipping Microsoft 7 in the next year. The original plan was to have Windows 7 released in 2010 - but those who are interested may be in for a surprise.
It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

Do You Think You're Smarter Than a 12th Grader?

US News and World Report has released a quick test that average American seniors in high school should be able to pass. This means that if you have graduated your senior year of high school you should do well on the test.
Click here to take the quiz.

Good luck.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

NCAA Mens Final Four Begins Today

There are only 4 teams left in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. The four teams remaining are North Carolina, Kansas, Memphis, and UCLA.
After the two games played today, only two teams will remain. The NCAA tournament is a single elimination tournament that initially started with 65 teams. The final game will be played this coming Monday, April 7, 2008.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Google Placing Humans on Mars?

The Virgin Group, owned by Sir Richard Branson, has partnered with Google to establish Virgle. Virgle's goal is to create the permanent settlement of humans on Mars. The organization plans to send a number of spaceships to Mars, if you're lucky you can join them.


Unfortunately (for some people at least), the Virgle Project is one of many April Fools Day pranks by Google.

AdWords Users Must Follow URL Policy Starting Today

A little less than a week ago we explained how beginning on April 1st all AdWords ads must follow Google's new landing/
display URL policy
. Well today is the first of April and it means that it if you are running any ad campaigns thru AdWords you now must follow the new URL policy.

Have a Great April Fools Day

Today is a great day to perform pranks. April Fools Day is celebrated in many countries. If you plan on fooling people, try not to take it to far. But then again - most people should be prepared to be fooled, at least we hope.