Monday, March 31, 2008

Telephone Support Hours For Yahoo Search Marketing

Yahoo Search Marketing (YSM) has changed its support hours. In order to contact a live person at YSM, you must do so during the following times:

*Monday - Friday: 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time

*Saturday: 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time

*Sunday: Closed

In order to contact YSM's telephone support, call them at 866-924-6676.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The One Year Anniversary of the IPOWERWEB Web Hosting Blog

Believe it or not, one year has passed since we launched the IPOWERWEB Blog. We would like to thank all of our readers for your feedback and support. Make sure to keep visiting our blog and the IPOWERWEB web site.

Friday, March 28, 2008

YouTube Now Provides Analytics

Every time we watch a YouTube video we are able understand how many people have seen the video and what they think about it. Nearly since the beginning, YouTube has allowed users to post comments, rate videos and view the total amount of views for each video. Below is an example of how people analyzed user activity and were able to gain an understanding of a videos popularity.

Things are a bit different now. YouTube has recently announced that it has released an analytics program known as YouTube Insight. YouTube Insight is a free analytics tool that allows people with YouTube accounts to learn more about the videos they have uploaded.
YouTube Insight will allow YouTube video uploaders to understand where their visitors come from, how they find out about the video, and much more. You can view your YouTube Insight information by logging into your YouTube account.

Host Unlimited Domain Names with IPOWERWEB

With just one Business Pro plan you can host as many domain names as you want. That's right, for just $6.95 per month every IPOWERWEB hosting user will have the ability to host as many domain names as they wish with just one package. This means that by having one Business Pro hosting plan you can host 55 different web sites, or more if you wish. To learn more about our web hosting plans and features, please visit

Business Pro Web Hosting Plan Only $6.95/Month

The IPOWERWEB Business Pro web hosting solution, our most popular hosting package, is now priced at $6.95 per month. For $6.95 per month your Business Pro plan will come with the following features:

*1500 GB of disk space

*Free Domain Name

*Website Builder

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*24/7 award-winning live technical support

...and much more.

If you are in need of a new web hosting plan, the IPOWERWEB Business Pro plan is the right solution for you.

.Com Domain Names Below the VeriSign Price

VeriSign recently announced that it will increase the price to register .com domain names to $6.86 per year.
IPOWERWEB domain names currently cost $6.85 per year, making IPOWERWEB one of the world's most affordable domain name registration providers.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Version 12 of AdWords API Released

Google AdWords has launched the latest version of its AdWords API, version 12. Version 12 of the AdWords API will include the following changes:

*An expanded code sample library

* type change

*New budget fields in Campaign

*Added CPC bidding for placement-targeted campaigns

If you are an AdWords API developer and is currently using version 11 of the AdWords API, you have until July 28, 2008 in order to make the switch. Beginning on the 28th of July, version 11 will be discontinued by Google AdWords.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How Do You Get Google Sitelinks?

When you search on Google for the word "IPowerweb" you will notice a set of links under the first organic result.

Have you ever wondered why some sites have sitelinks while other don't?
At the moment sitelinks are generated automatically, meaning that Google employees don't go around selecting which sites deserve sitelinks and which sites do not.
According to Google, sitelinks are created in order to assist users in navigating web sites.
If you own or manage a web site with sitelinks and wish to remove sitelinks from your search listings, you may do so via Google's Webmaster Tools.

Microsoft Will Raise Yahoo Offer

According to Citigroup, Microsoft will probably raise its offer to purchase Yahoo to $31 per share. It will be interesting to see how Yahoo responds, Yahoo company shares are priced at $28.52 per share while writing this post.

Yahoo Stock Price

Video Ads With Yahoo Search

We just mentioned how Google AdWords advertisers can now run video ads alongside their text ads. Well Yahoo Search Marketing does this as well.
When searching for the words "shop honda" you will notice the Honda logo within the Partner Results section.

Below is an image of the Honda logo within the Partner Results section. Under the Honda logo there is a button which reads "Play Video".

Once you click on the "Play Video" button you will notice a window open that will play the entire video.
This is a shot of what the video looks like.

With both Yahoo and Google running video ads along with their traditional text ads we must wonder if MSN will follow. If companies do find running ads successful, we may eventually see video ads replacing text ads.

Video Ads With Google AdWords

Next time you search on Google you may notice video ads included with the "Sponsored Links" ads. For example if you do a search for "cell phones" you will most likely see something similar to the image below.

If you look at the bottom right hand side of the image above you will notice an ad for Blackberry cell phones. The Blackberry ad is like any other AdWords ad but once you look below the display URL you will notice a link that says "Watch Demonstration".
Here is an image of the BlackBerry AdWords ad:

Once you click on the "Watch Demonstration" link a small video box will open up and a 30 second video clip will play. The image below is an example of what the BlackBerry ad looks like:

Changes to AdWords Display URL Policy on April 1st

Google will be updating its URL policy for every AdWords account. Beginning on April 1, 2008, your display URL must match your landing URL.
For some people this may come as news, meaning that they did not know that the URL's did not have to match with the landing URL to begin with.
Below is an example of an AdWords ad that does not share the same display and landing URL. The ad's display URL shows - but the display URL should really be because the IPOWERWEB Blog will be the landing URL.

So as of April 1, 2008 the display URL for the ad above will have to be Here is an example of what the ad will now look like.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Single Page Hosting with IPOWERWEB

Having a web site is not only necessary for businesses but for individuals as well. It's important that you have your full name's domain name registered as well as a basic web page that informs people on how to contact you.
At IPOWERWEB you can register your name's domain name for only $6.85 per year. Once you have registered your domain name you should consider publishing a single page web site, telling people a little about yourself.
In order to learn more about IPOWERWEB's web hosting solutions and what plans best meet your needs, please visit our web site -

Microsoft Live Search Update

Have you recently noticed a change in your search engine rankings on MSN's Live search engine? It is believed that Microsoft is currently in the middle of a major update. You should check where your web site is currently positioned on Live search for your targeted keywords.
Microsoft has acknowledged that an update is currently taking place, this is a rare occurrence. To see how your web site is doing, visit

502 Errors From Gmail

Have you been experiencing 502 errors when attempting to access your Gmail account?
According to the Gmail Team they are currently fixing this issue and it should be resolved shortly. You most likely won't lose any new or old emails due to this issue, rather it is an issue with logging into Gmail. If you wish to check your Gmail email, you may want to have your emails forward to Microsoft Outlook or your smart phone.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Make Sure Your Links Are Always Working

After clicking on a link no one wants to be sent to an error page. It's very important that every link on your web site always works properly. It is a good idea to go through your web site on a regular basis to make sure that every link works properly. A great way to learn about error pages on your web site is by checking your web site statistics.
Every IPOWERWEB web hosting account comes with great web site statistics tools, which will help you get an understanding of which links are not working.
When designing a web site, mistakes always happen. Luckily web design errors can be fixed easily. Do your best to go through your entire web site and make sure every link works properly.
Here is a link to our web site.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Always Remember to Update Your Information

Every web site should have an "About Us" section, providing users with information about your company. A typical "About Us" section includes your company's history, mission, and contact information.
Your site should never have outdated contact information. If you ever move, change email addresses, and/or change your phone number - make sure to update your web site. Here is IPOWERWEB's "About Us" page and it is always up to date.

Get Search Tips From Google

Google is currently testing Google Suggest on its homepage. Google Suggest provides Google's users with search suggestions as they type information within the search box.
Google Suggest was first seen around December 2004 and does not base its suggestions on your personal search history at the moment. Rather Google Suggest uses data regarding the popularity of various search terms in order to assist in providing users with search suggestions.
The image below is an example of Google's suggested search terms when you type "ipow" - the first for letters of IPOWERWEB.

Both Yahoo and provide search suggestions by default. It will be interesting to see if Google will keep providing Google Suggest on its homepage.

Happy Easter From IPOWERWEB

We at IPOWERWEB would like to wish you and your loved ones a happy Easter Sunday.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Premium Web Site Templates

The majority of web sites on the Internet use design templates. Web site templates enable you to create a professional looking web site in minutes and best of all templates are much more affordable than web designers. is a wonderful resource for all your web site template needs. 321Templates offers a wide range of templates at great prices. If you recently purchased a web hosting account or are looking for a new web site design, you should definitely visit 321Templates in order find your next web site template.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Today is the First Day of Spring

Today marks the first day of spring season. Below is the Google image with flowers instead of the letter "O". The first day of spring also marks the first day of the Iranian calendar, meaning that it is the Iranian new year (also known as Nowruz).

Register a New Domain Name for only $6.85

If you are looking to purchase domain names, IPOWERWEB is the right company to go with. For just $6.85 per year you can register a .com, .net, .org, as well as many other domain name extensions. You are not required to host your web site with IPOWERWEB if you register your domain name with us. So if you are looking to just register a domain name without creating a site, you can do that.
IPOWERWEB domain name registration services are not only affordable (we offer some of the lowest prices in the industry) but every new domain name registered with IPOWERWEB comes with free WHOIS privacy protection.

Facebook Chat On The Way

It has been reported that Facebook will soon be releasing an instant messaging chat feature. This will allow users to chat with multiple Facebook friends at one time. The Facebook chat feature will not require users to download any special software.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Google Search Still #1, But Lead Slipping

For the month of February 2008, Google remained the most popular search engine in the world with 62.8% market share. In January 2008, Google's share of the global search engine market was 63.1 percent.
The overall number of searches performed by Google was also down in the month of February, Google had 5.86 billion searches in February compared to 6.14 billion in January. Please remember that even with it being a leap year, February was still the shortest month of the year.

700MHz Auction Comes to an End

Yesterday, March 18th, marked the end of the 700 MHz auction. It is unknown who placed the winning bid for the 50-state C-block. The FCC is reported to release this information in approximately 10 days.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

March Madness Begins Today

The NCAA Men's Division 1 Basketball tournament kicks off today. The tournament includes 65 teams from across the U.S. and will conclude with the championship game on April 7th in San Antonio, Texas.
Good luck with your brackets.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

We at IPOWERWEB would like to wish you a happy Saint Patrick's Day. Make sure you wear the color green today.
Saint Patrick's Day is the national holiday of Ireland and did you know that the Chicago River is dyed green each year for the Saint Patrick's Day celebration.
Below is an image of the Google logo today, followed by the Chicago River.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Daylight Savings on Sunday

It's time to trade an hour's sleep for more sunlight in the evenings, make sure to set your clocks one hour ahead on Sunday. All clocks will officially change on Sunday at 2 a.m.
Did you know that some parts of America do not observe daylight savings time?
These places include Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam and the Northern Marianas. 

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Faster Your Site is, The Better

If you run any Google AdWords campaign, particularly for competitive keywords, you are probably somewhat familiar with the quality score ranking algorithm for all web sites running AdWords campaigns. It is yet to take place, but it is believed that Google will soon factor page load time into its quality score for AdWords campaigns.
This means that web pages that load faster have an advantage.
Here is an example. Web site A and web site B have the same exact AdWords campaigns and the same exact web sites. The only difference in what the two sites are doing is their hosting. Web site A is hosting its web site with one company while web site B is hosting its web site with another company. The speed at which each web site loads is different for site A and B. Therefore the web hosting provider becomes the deciding factor in which site will be ranked higher in the search results.
If the speed at which your web site loads matters to you, which should definitely be the case if you run an AdWords campaign, the IPOWERWEB is the right web hosting provider for you. Additionally, every new web hosting account comes with a $30 free Google AdWords credit. IPOWERWEB is recognized around the world for being one of the fastest shared web hosting providers and if you don't host your site with us, you should definitely consider it.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Election Time: Huckabee Out, McCain Stays

Following his win in Iowa, Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee was unable to gain momentum and win any other states. After being unable to win any of the primaries today, Huckabee was forced to discontinue his campaign to win the Republican party's nomination due to the fact that John McCain won the Republican nomination tonight.
It is still unknown as to who McCain will run against, as the Democratic party is still occupied with the Clinton-Obama race. So as of now, the Republican party is set and we we will have to wait and see who will gain the Democratic nomination.

Yahoo! Search Updates its Index

According to the Yahoo! Search Blog, Yahoo! is currently in the process of updating the way it crawls, indexes, and ranks web sites. If you notice any major changes to your Yahoo! placements, it may be due to the latest updates.

Election Time: Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont

Today's primaries and caucuses are crucial for the Democratic candidates working to win the party's nomination. Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas and Vermont all have primaries today and Texas will also hold a caucuses. The results of the past primaries and caucuses have led us to a point where it is still difficult to say who will win the nomination from the Democratic Party's nomination.