Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Over $6 Million During the Past Two Years

IPOWERWEB is one of the world's largest and fastest growing web hosting providers. We host over 700,000 web sites and continue to grow at a rapid pace. A fundamental reason for our strong growth since coming into business over 6 years ago is our attention and emphasis on customer support. We highly value all of our users and wish to make your hosting experience with us the best it could possibly be. We understand that you have many options when it comes to selecting a web hosting provider, therefore we take the appointment of being your web hosting provider very seriously. Along with our great attention to customer support another reason attributed to our tremendous growth is our Affiliate Program. We pay our affiliates $100 for every sale they refer to IPOWERWEB. This is truly amazing when you consider the price of our web hosting plan for one year, our Business Pro only costs $95.40. This means that we are actually paying you more than the cost of one IPOWERWEB web hosting package. Our Affiliate Program has paid over $6 million in commissions in the past two years alone. If you are yet to join our Affiliate Program, please consider doing so - you could easily be making extra money by simply referring people to IPOWERWEB. If you refer 10 people we will pay $1000 (of course) but we will also give you one free web hosting account. So hurry and take advantage of the many opportunities available with IPOWERWEB's Affiliate Program, the web hosting industry's leading affiliate program.

Leopard Sold 2 Million Copies in First Weekend

Apple's Leopard operating system sold over 2 million copies in its first weekend of availability according to Apple. Leopard was the sixth major release of Mac OS X and it far out-sold its predecessor Mac OS X Tiger. The release of Leopard was highly anticipated by many people throughout the world and so far it seems to be a success.

Last Day of October

Today is the final say of the month of October. Tomorrow will begin the month of November, which means that only two months remain until the end of the year 2007. Many great things have occurred at IPOWERWEB throughout this past year and we hope that the positive events will continue through the end of this year and in the future. We recently launched vDeck 3.0 and the transition is from vDeck 2.0 to the new enhanced version of the control panel is still going on. Every new IPOWERWEB web hosting account automatically comes with vDeck 3.0. To lear more about vDeck 3.0 and our web hosting account features, please visit our web site or call us anytime at 888-511-HOST.

Yahoo Search Ranking Updated

It has been reported by Yahoo that the company has been updated its crawling, indexing, and ranking algorithms. This has been going on for the past few days and it should be completed shortly.
This was reported via Yahoo's company blog. Blogging has become a wonderful and efficient way to spread information. If you own a web site and are hosted with IPOWERWEB, you should consider starting your own web blog. Our web hosting accounts support many blogging softwares and tools. Therefore if you are considering starting a blog or want to learn more about starting your own blog, IPOWERWEB is the best company to host your blog with. If you wish to host your blog with a third-party blogging platform, you may do so and it is highly used throughout the Internet. But we do recommend you have your own dedicated domain name for your blog. You may register domain names with IPOWERWEB for only $6.50 per year. To learn more please contact us at 888-511-HOST.

Google Shares Exceed $700

For the first time in company history, shares of Google have exceeded $700. If you recall Google's shares rose past $600 per share less than a month ago. It is tough to say how long it will take before the company reaches $1000 per share although at the current rate, it should not take too long.

72 Points Scored in First Quarter

The Smith Center High School football team scored 72 points in the first quarter a game last night. The team won the game 86-0 over Plainville High School.
Smith Center High School forced six turnovers in the first quarter and set a record for most amount of points in one quarter of football. The previous record was 66 by Prescott, Ariz., in 1925. Smith Center High School has outscored its opponents 640-0 so far this year and they are the defending state champions.

More Light During Halloween

This year there will be a bit more light outside during the evening of Halloween. This is because we won't be changing our clocks back, in the United States, until November 4th. This is compared to last year where changed the clocks the Sunday prior to Halloween. The switch from Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time did not occur in the last Sunday of October this year. Instead we will be changing our clocks on the first Sunday of November in 2007. So don't forget to change all your clocks this Sunday - we will be going one hour back.

Happy Halloween From IPOWERWEB

We at IPOWERWEB would like to wish all of our users a safe and wonderful Halloween. We are available by both phone and email all day, every day of the year. Give us a call at 888-511-HOST if you ever have any questions or wish to learn more about IPOWERWEB hosting.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Free Wifi For Southern California Residents

As you probably know, Southern California has experienced horrible fires since last week and many people continue to suffer. We provided our readers with a link to some charities involved in helping fire victims during this difficult situation. Now we would like to tell you that AT&T has decided to offer free WiFi at all of their wireless hotspots in the following counties; Riverside, San Diego, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Orange and Ventura. The free wireless Internet service by AT&T has been going on since Saturday and we are not sure when it will end, although it is a wonderful way for people to connect with their loved ones during these difficult times.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Gmail Now Supports IMAP

Google has paid attention to the requests of their users and they have released IMAP support for their Gmail email service. On October 24th, a few days ago - Google made it official. IMAP is a wonderful way to access your email from multiple devices, for example from your desktop, laptop, mobile phone, etc. IMAP keeps the information synced across all the devices you use, therefore if you check an email from your mobile phone, it would show as "read" on your desktop. This is a wonderful and valuable feature that will surely please many Gmail users. Here is a quick video about the latest IMAP update on Gmail.

iPhone in Canada

Earlier this month we discussed the possible arrival of the iPhone in Canada. It is believed that the iPhone will arrive in Canada on December 7th, meaning it will be available in time for the busy holiday season. This information is yet to be confirmed by Apple although it would be wonderful news for all Canadians wishing to get their hands on a legitimate iPhone.

Charities Helping Southern California Fire Victims

A majority of the recent Southern California wildfires have been contained, although this does not mean that the life is back to normal for so many people across Southern California. It will take years for, if even, for people to return to their normal lives. The fires forced hundreds of thousands of Californians to evacuate from their homes and many people unfortunately had their homes and memories destroyed. In these types of situations it is wonderful to help and give as much as you possible could. Visit the following site to learn more about various charities helping the fire victims cope with the tragedy, Charities Rally to Help Fire Victims.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Harder Work = Better Results

If you own a web site you probably know that it is not an easy task to make a name for yourself and gain significant traffic. Rather than owning a pharmacy on a popular street corner in a city, you own a web property that can reach people all over the world. The Internet allows you to sell products and connect with people all over the world efficiently and regularly. Generally this is not the case with the pharmacy on the street corner, your customers will typically be locals from the area your store is located in. The Web has brought about amazing opportunities for business but at the same time, some may argue that it is not as easy to make it big. This may be true, although if you do work hard and put in effort, you will see better results. You cannot expect to have a world-renowned website with millions of monthly visitors without earning it. At IPOWERWEB we do our best to provide all of our users with the necessary tools to create and manage a successful web site, although if you want to have a successful web site you will need to work for it. You should expect positive results when you put effort in your web site.

85% Revenue From Google

Mozilla announced that the company received $56 million from Google in 2006. The company's total revenue for 2006 was $66 million. Therefore a majority of the money they made in 2006, 85% of it, came from Google. The CEO of Mozilla Corporation, Mitchell Baker, explained that the revenues for both the Mozilla Corporation and Mozilla Foundation for 2006 was $66,849,850 - which is a 26% increase from the company's revenue in 2005 which was $52,906,602. This is great for Mozilla and we can't wait to hear how the company will do in 2007.
If you own a web company, always remember that the sky is the limit and you can make anything into a major success.

Provide Support

If you are new to web hosting or the Internet you may have many questions and sometimes even feel helpless. As an IPOWERWEB user you should never have to worry about not having someone there to answer all your questions, we provide 24x7 email and telephone support.
If you own a business (especially over the Web) and sell a product or service, you should definitely consider providing support for your customers. You would be surprised at how necessary support is and the difference it could make for your business. If you do not provide user support at the moment, you may want to consider developing an online HelpCenter, where you can list answers to common questions or provide support via email. Then if you feel the benefits are greater than the costs, consider providing telephone support. There are many companies out there that do not provide any form of support and generally it is those companies that don't do as well as the ones that do provide support.
The goal is to make your users have confidence in your company and feel that you are better than all others out there. A great way to take your company a step higher is to provide customer-oriented support. You would be amazed at the level of satisfaction your customers would have by just knowing they have the option of support available, even if they never call or email you. If you ever have any questions about your web hosting plan or other services you are receiving from IPOWERWEB, give us a call at 888-511-HOST or send an email to

The Success of Fiji Water

Many of us have seen Fiji water before, if not or you have forgotten what it looks like, here is an image of a Fiji water bottle.

Fiji is one of the most successful brands of bottled water in the United States (in terms of sales), yet Fiji water is one of the most expensive brands of bottled water. Hopefully you are asking yourself, why? Is it because Fiji water tastes much better of it is better for you, probably not. Rather the success of Fiji water should probably be attributed to the story that is presented by the company.
Just look at the packaging and the bottle, Fiji water does not look like your average Sparkletts bottle. The bottle tells a wonderful story. If you sell a product and think the packaging or the design of the product is not important, all that matters is the functionality - you are probably incorrect. People pay attention to the packaging and design, therefore you should take it seriously and make it the best you possibly can.

Buying a Book

The business of books is very interesting. People buy millions of them every year, yet (in most cases) we don't even know what is inside. How are you to know what is inside a book without reading the book? The only way you will truly know if you like a book or not is if you read that book, and once you've read that book buying it is actually quite unnecessary because you have already read it. This way of thinking does not only apply to books, we do the same when we want to buy a washing-machine, a car, even when we select our President. We really don't know what is inside the book until we actually experience the entire book. You need experience. We tell ourselves that we are rational and careful when we choose to buy something, but in reality we are not.
This is not totally our fault. Just because we can't predict what a President would be like 3 years down the line or how our car would drive four months after purchasing it.
Why do we buy a certain a book? Is it because you already read it and loved it? Probably not....
You may have bought a certain book because you've read something else by the same author, or a friend recommended the book, or you loved the cover, there are many reasons why you chose one book over all the others out there. We all tell ourselves a certain story and we believe what we perceive. Now all you have to do is use these theories in real-life and you will have a successful business.

Halo 3 Helping Microsoft

The Xbox 360 by Microsoft is a popular gaming console that has helped the company's financial numbers (and many other aspects) due to its popularity. Microsoft recently announced that sales of the Xbox 360 were up by about 100% during their fiscal first quarter, this was largely due to the release of the video game Halo 3. Microsoft said it shipped 1.8 million Xbox 360 consoles during the past quarter compared to 900,000 gaming consoles in the same period a year ago. The surge in sales has been attributed to the recent release of Halo 3, a science fiction first person shooter video game. Halo 3 was released on September 25th and on the day of its release it made $170 million. Net income for Microsoft during their past quarter was up 23% to $4.3 billion.

Requesting For a Link

Recently we have been writing about search engine optimization topics and what it takes to improve your organic ranking on the major search engines. One fundamental element for good ranking on the search engines is a good linking strategy and having quality web sites link to yours.
For most of people receiving incoming links is not easy, it takes lots of hard work and time. You can't expect to put your web site live and immediately have people link to you. Therefore in some cases you will have to go out and request for people to link to you. Most search engines recommend that you do not pay for text links, rather they should come to your site naturally. We would like to provide you with some rules to think about when you are proposing a text link request.

*Never title your email "Link Exchange Request"
This is largely due to the fact that link exchanges are not as effective as they once were and many site owners receive these kinds of requests on a regular basis and will treat your email the same way they treat all others, like garbage.

*Use proper grammar
Whatever language you are writing in, making sure your grammar is correct and read through your email once you have finished writing just to make sure it looks good.

*Do research and contact the right person
Visit the web site you are interested in receiving a link from and find the correct person to contact. Don't just contact any person or send an email to the first email address you find, email the person that is actually interested in receiving your email and that can do something about it.

*Don't base the value of a link strictly on PageRank
It is known that the PageRank toolbar cannot always be up to date. This means that it can actually be showing incorrect information due to the fact that it is not always being updated for the public.

*Avoid link exchanges
Link swapping is considered to be manipulation of the search engine algorithms, therefore please do your best to not practice in exchanging links with other web sites.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Apple's Leopard OS Released

Today Apple officially released its Leopard Operating System. If you are an Apple fan or just like Apple computers, you should consider upgrading your computer from your existing operating system to the new Leopard OS. By the way, you can probably pay for the new Leopard OS by cash :).....

Worth Paying For?

We all have experienced competition, in some form or another. In business you can undo any worries of competition, but for most of us competition is a reality (and in most cases a painful one). It is not a good idea to worry greatly about your competitors, largely due to the fact that it is up to you how good and successful your business will be - your competitors don't control your business operations.
If you sell any products or services, you have probably came across a few people who have seen your prices and then immediately said, "I can't afford it". This surely does not make you feel good, who wants to hear their products or services are not worth it the price. Think about it, if a person is considering your products or service but is turned away because of your price - there is a good chance they think the deal is not worth it. So one thing you can do is lower your prices, but once you do so - you will probably get similar people saying the old sentence "I can't afford it" and this will become a cycle. Rather than worrying and lowering your prices you may want to consider targeting better people and telling these "better" people that what you are selling is actually worth it and a great deal. You want to make what you are selling worth paying for, that is the goal.

No Cash For iPhone Buyers

If you are thinking of buying a new iPhone and wish to pay for the phone with cash, we have good news and bad news.
Good News: You can still purchase the iPhone (they aren't going anywhere)
Bad News: You can't pay for the iPhone with cash

Apple recently announced that about 250,000 of the 1.4 million iPhone's they sold during their fourth quarter were sold to people who unlocked the phone and used it on another network instead of AT&T. Due to the issue Apple has faced with unlockers of the iPhone, they have decided to no longer accept cash as a form of payment to receive an iPhone. Also, individuals will not be allowed to purchase more than 2 iPhones in an attempt to stop people from reselling the iPhone. So if you are thinking of getting an iPhone from Apple, get your credit or debit card ready.

Important SEO Factors

If you own a web site, know someone that has a web site, use the Internet, or have lived on Earth the past two years you are probably aware of the power of search engines. Today when most people think of search engines they think of Google, the world's most popular search engine. People use search engines to navigate through the Internet and search engines like Google have become the foundation of the Internet. Therefore it is vital to have your website listed and visible across all the major search engines for your related keywords.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of enhancing your web site in order to increase your presence and/or traffic from the search engines, organically. We have provided you with some information on SEO in the past and will continue to do so in the future, although today we would like to provide you with some information on key SEO factors. None of what we say is proven or guaranteed although the following four points have been widely accepted by many search engine marketers throughout the world.

*The Relevance of Content on Your Web Site
*Crawlability/Quality of Your Code
*Internal Linking Structure
*Link Popularity and Link Relevance

Many people think meta tags will guarantee great rankings, but these days search engine optimization has changed and more work is needed than just meta tag optimization. If you wish to have good rankings (especially for competitive terms) you should be ready to work hard and take search engine optimization seriously.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Opportunities For Growth

The Internet is truly amazing, if you have a unique idea and passion to succeed you will be successful. Of course you may think that it is easier said than done, although we try to help you get started by making web hosting and starting your web site as easy as possible. Every IPOWERWEB Business Pro plan comes with a free domain name and many useful feature that will help you make your name heard throughout the Internet.
A great example of the beauty of the Internet and the immense opportunities available, consider our recent post where we discussed how Microsoft got a stake (a very small one) for $240 million. Facebook was started by an undergraduate student at Harvard University only a few years ago and it is now one of the most visited and respected web sites on the Internet. This is wonderful and a great example of the opportunities the Internet has. You can do anything and if you are willing to work and have confidence in what you do, you will surely succeed. If you are yet to think of what you want to do, you may want to hold off from getting a new web hosting account. But once you know the direction you wish to go in and wish to start developing your own web site, choose IPOWERWEB for your web hosting services. If you wish to learn more about IPOWERWEB hosting, give us a call at 888-511-HOST.

Microsoft Gets A Piece of Facebook

The highly popular social networking web site has struck a deal with Microsoft for $240 million, providing Microsoft with 1.6% of the company. This means that Microsoft and Facebook value Facebook at $15 billion. This is truly amazing when you consider the projected revenue for Facebook this year, which is $150 million. It is tough to say whether or not Facebook is worth $15 billion although many people would agree that the web site has a bright future and will continue to play a major role throughout the Internet. This seems like a wonderful deal for Facebook, who just a year ago was being valued at $1 billion by Yahoo!.
Facebook is currently receiving 54 billion page views per month and they have 49 million active users (and growing). A Facebook visitor stayed on the website for an average of 14 minutes during each visit this past August. Facebook is one of the top ten most visited web sites in America.
It is believed that Google also made a run to get a piece of Facebook but fell short. We can be sure that both Google and Microsoft will target Facebook down the road.

Leopard OS Available Tomorrow

For everyone who has been waiting for the Leopard Operating System to be released by Apple, the wait will be over in less than 24 hours. We have explained some of the features that are included with the new Mac operating system and will provide you with more information in the coming days.
Remember, if you are using a Mac you can still host your web site with IPOWERWEB. All of our hosting accounts are Mac friendly, so if you use a Mac - host with IPOWERWEB. It does not make a difference whether you use a Mac or a PC as long as you are connected to the Internet.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Have Videos on Your Web Site

Many of us are witnesses and even contributors to the Web 2.0, also known as the second generation of the Internet. The popularity and use of videos have extremely developed during the Web 2.0 period. At IPOWERWEB we realize the value videos can bring to your website, therefore are web hosting products do support videos - meaning that you can have videos running throughout your website, fully controlled by you. If you are not sure what type of impact videos would have on your website, we recommend you at least try out having videos on your web site. This is because you will never really know until you try, and hopefully it won't hurt your site; rather having video(s) on your web site will actually help you. So if you are worried about the features included with your IPOWERWEB hosting account and you don't know whether or not we support videos, we do.

Google Updates PageRank, Again...

A fundamental aspect to Google's search engine is a link analysis algorithm called PageRank. PageRank was developed by Google's founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, while they were students at Stanford University. It is believed that PageRank is still used by Google to this day, although there is some controversy regarding the value of the PageRank feature within the Google Toolbar, which is available to the public. The PageRank feature within the Google toolbar is not updated on a set basis, rather Google controls the update process which is displayed to the public via the toolbar and other publicly-available tools. In the month of October 2007, which is yet to be completed, it is believed that the PageRank feature available to the public has been updated twice.
The recent update has brought about some major buzz throughout the Internet due to the fact that many popular web sites have dropped their PR positioning. Here is a list of some sites created by SearchEngineLand that have lost some PR juice: PR7 to PR5 PR7 to PR5 PR7 to PR5 PR7 to PR5 PR10 to PR6 PR7 to PR4 PR6 to PR4 PR7 to PR5 PR6 to PR4 PR6 to PR4 PR6 to PR4 PR6 to PR4 PR7 to PR4 PR7 to PR4 PR6 to PR4 PR6 to PR3 PR6 to PR4 PR5 to PR3 PR7 to PR4 PR6 to PR4

It is believed that this latest update is related to the highly-discussed issue of paid links and the manipulation of Google's algorithms.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007 Sale Voided

The National Football League (NFL) team the Dallas Cowboys were involved in a domain name auction where the domain name, was being bid on. The team thought they had a winning bid of $275.00, which is quite a good price for such a high-quality and desired domain name although this was not the case. The domain name was actually sold for $275,000. The NFL team thought they had struck an amazing deal, but once they found out that the domain name cost $275,000 instead of $275.00 they requested for the sale of the domain name to be voided. The seller of the domain name agreed to void the sale due to a misunderstanding of the rules. So as of now the official domain name for the NFL team the Dallas Cowboys will remain as

Monday, October 22, 2007

Apple Employees and the iPhone Credit

There has been some information around the Internet that Apple recently fired about 800 of its employees due issues with the iPhone and their redemptions of the $100 credits. If you recall Apple offered a $100 credit to every early-owner of the iPhone. Apple promised a free iPhone to every full-time employee and every part-time employee who had been with the company for over a year, which included retail associates and Geniuses.
It is believed that the 800 or so Apple employees who were fired actually took advantage of the $100 credits on the free iPhones they had received from Apple, their employer. This totaled a loss of about $80,000 for Apple and they did not hesitate to fire the employees who attempted to "beat the system".

No Ads With IPOWERWEB Hosting

If you have experience with other web hosting providers you may have noticed that some force you to have ads displayed on your website. These ads are not controlled by you, the user, rather they are ads controlled by the web hosting provder. We would guess that the majority would not like having ads across your own web site and have your web hosting provider make money off you and your site, at IPOWERWEB we never place any form of ads on your website. You are in full control of the content located throughout your website and we hope you follow our user terms and conditions. With IPOWERWEB you will never have to worry about having ads located in many different locations, especially in locations you do not want. We will not list hosting providers that do this although it is a very common practice across free web hosting companies. We hope that if you are paying for web hosting services, you never have to worry about ads being located across your website.
At IPOWERWEB we always place the customer first and want to make sure that you are satisfied with the service you are receiving. Web hosting is quite complex because every user is looking for something different from their web host, yet at IPOWERWEB we truly try to cater to all our users. We do not feel that it is the right thing to make money off of our users rather you should be the one making money off your website. Therefore we provide you with many helpful and lucrative marketing tools. In order to learn more about the marketing tools included with every IPOWERWEB hosting account, please visit your vDeck control panel. So if you are concerned about having ads places on your website by IPOWERWEB, don't be. We will never place any form of advertising on your website . If you wish to receive more information about IPOWERWEB hosting and what IPOWERWEB is about, give us a call at 888-511-HOST.

Price of Xbox 360 Lowered in Japan

Some more Microsoft news, they have lowered the price of their popular gaming console, the Xbox 360, by 13% in Japan. If you recall Sony recently decreased the price of its popular gaming system, the PlayStation 3 recently and this has helped Sony receive a spike in sales. The standard edition of the Xbox 360 will now sell for 34,800 yen in Japan, which is about $304 United States dollars.

2nd Generation Zune To Be Released November 13th

For all you Microsoft Zune lovers make sure to mark Tuesday November 13th in your calendars - the new Zunes will be officially released that day. Microsoft has confirmed this date and this should be wonderful news for all the Zune lovers out there.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy 108 Olive Riley

Today is the 108th birthday of Olive Riley, the lady who is believed to be the world's oldest blogger. Her blog The Life of Riley is so popular right now that the page cannot even load...maybe she should be hosting her site with IPOWERWEB.
Olive Riley was born in the year 1899 in Broken Hill Australia, which is near Sydney. She started her "blob", what she calls her blog, in February of this year. She typically writes about her life stories, day to day events and her transcriptions to her friend Mike. Happy Birthday Olive Riley, keep writing.

Tell Your Friends and Family

Earlier today we discussed the importance of online marketing and the value it can bring to your business. A great way we all find out about different products and services are by the people around us. Families and friends regularly discuss many different products and services they use and provide the people close to them with a review of the product. For example if your cousin Jane uses a new state-of-the-art vacuum and loves it, you can be sure that Jane will come to you and recommend the state-of-the-art vacuum for your home as well. Referrals are everywhere and most of the time we don't even realize them. It has become common practice to tell the people around you about the good, the bad, and the ugly. At IPOWERWEB we understand the value of referrals and hope that our users will tell the people around them nothing but good stories about their experiences with IPOWERWEB. We truly appreciate all referrals and would feel wrong if we did not compensate you for your help. That is why we have our world-renowned web hosting referral program. It's very simple, every time you refer three web hosting accounts you will get one free. Yes it's that easy - all you have to do is refer any three new web hosting accounts to IPOWERWEB and we will give you one free web hosting account. So if you are thinking of getting a new web site and need a hosting account, you may want to hold off purchasing the account. Provide us with information on at least three accounts you have referred to us and we will give you a free hosting account - It's That Simple. If you wish to learn more about our Referral Program give us a call at 888-511-HOST.

The World of Internet Marketing

We love to see companies, especially IPOWERWEB users succeed on the Web. This is no easy task when you consider the size of the Internet. Your competition is no longer necessarily local, rather you may have competition from all over the world. Here is an example, lets say you sell womens shoes in Chicago. Once you start your website and sell on the Web you no longer restrict yourself from having customers in Chicago, instead you may have customers from all over the world. This also means that you will most likely be competing with business located all over the world. Globalization has brought about an even playing field, where location is becoming more and more irrelevant. A business in Sydney, Australia can be as effective and popular as a similar business in Chicago.
Please understand that this concept is not something of the future, it is here now and will only become more and more powerful. We are not being speculative, this is the truth. The Internet has brought about an everlasting change to the way business will be practiced. Online advertising revenue in the United States for the first half of 2007 hit a new high of almost $10 billion, this is a 27% rise from the year before. Search engine advertisements, led by Google, were the most popular form of online advertising consisting of $4.1 billion in the first half of 2007 and responsible for 41$ of the money spent. YES that is true - 41% of the $10 billion spent on online advertising in the first half of 2007 came via ads through Google. If you are yet to consider promoting your website via Google ads, you may want to do so. Google has a highly popular advertising program known as AdWords where you can have an advertisement for your website show up on Google's search engine result pages.
Don't take the impact and value of online marketing lightly, we cannot say that by not advertising online your business will fail - although online advertising can surely help make a business or make an average business into a great business. Online advertising via places like Google, Yahoo, and MSN can help take your business and web site to the next level - take this seriously.
It is not difficult to start your own online advertising campaign, almost anyone in the world can do it. As long as you strongly believe in your product or service and are driven to sell it, you should have no problem leading a successful business.
We will continue to discuss online marketing and how IPOWERWEB can help you and your business in further detail at a later time. Remember that you do have the ability to make your site a success, a great way to get started in marketing your web site is by having a strong online marketing campaign. Give it a shot and don't be afraid to fail, if other people can make their sites a success you can as well.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007 To Sell for $250 Million

It was reported yesterday that HowStuffWorks will be selling to Discovery Communications Incorporates, the company which owns the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet for $250 million. HowStuffWorks is a web site that reviews consumer products and provides users with information on many things from traveling to science. This is a great achievement for If you are considering starting your own web site, the Business Pro plan is a great web hosting solution to help you get started on the World Wide Web. If you wish to learn more about IPOWERWEB web hosting or how to start your own web site, please visit our web site or give us a call at 888-511-HOST, we are available 24x7.

40GB PlayStation3 for $399.99

The PlayStation 3(also known as PS3) will be released in the US on October 28th for a reported price of $399.99. If you are a gaming fan or are thinking of purchasing a PS3, the 40GB version will be released less then two weeks. The PS3 would serve as a wonderful holiday gift for any person that loves video games.

Apple Up-To-Date Program

Here is some more information about Apple. As we just informed you, the Leopard operating system will be released on Friday, October 26th. This may seem quite frustrating if you just purchased a new Mac. You buy a new computer then all of a sudden Apple announces the release date of its brand new operating system.
Therefore Apple has created its Up-To-Date program where you can receive a free Leopard upgrade - all you have to do is pay $10 for shipping and had purchased your Apple computer on or after October 1st.
This is a great offer by Apple and it is a similar concept to the $100 iPhone Credit offered to early iPhone users in September.

Leopard to Be Released on October 26th

Apple has officially announced the release date of its highly anticipated Leopard operating system, October 26, 2007. The Leopard operating systems release date has been delayed due the development and release of the iPhone, although it is now final next Friday the new operating system will be available to Apple computer users. Here are some details and features of the Leopard OS:

Well the Leopard OS has over 300 new features so we will just cover a few of the really good ones...

*Japanese dictionary support
*Google Maps will be integrated with Address Book
*New AirPort menus that show WiFi encryption
*Built-in grammar checker
*iChat will be better than ever (if that's possible)

If you are considering upgrading your existing Mac in order to have the new Leopard OS, it will cost $129 for a single-user license and $199 for a five-user license.

iPhone Deal Done in France

Great news for French iPhone lovers, Apple and Orange have officially announced that they have a deal together for the distribution and operation of the iPhone in France. As Apple has a special agreement with AT&T in the United States, Apple will have a special agreement with Orange in France. So if you are an Orange customer this should be good news, although all French cellular phone users should be excited - particularly iPhone lovers (or for anyone who wants the iPhone).

Monday, October 15, 2007

Losing Business Due to Social Networking Sites

Last month an employment law firm, Peninsula, found that British business may be losing $260 million each DAY from employees visiting social networking web sites such as Facebook and Myspace. The same study found that British workers spend about 233 million hours per month on such social networking sites. A recent article by the Los Angeles Times explained that a recent study of American businesses came to the conclusion that the average American worker spends approximately two hours every day "wasting time". This article claims that the most popular method for wasting time is by surfing the Internet and sending personal email. This was followed by socializing with co-workers, conducting personal business and spacing out. It is believed that this "wasting time" may be costing employers $759 billion a year in lost productivity.
As you are probably aware, many people have thought and explained about the positives and negatives of the current technology available to us. This can surely be regarded as a negative, for performance at many businesses is being sacrificed. Therefore it may be wise to consider banning such sites from your company's network in order to help stop such "slacking off".

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Google Sued Because of Social Security Number Issue

A man is suing Google for "only" $5 billion because he believes that "Google" turned upside down looks too much like his social security number. At first many people must think that there may be something wrong with this individual. A social security number has nine digits whereas "Google" is only made up of 6 characters. So this man, Dylan Stephen Jayne and his lawyers may have some tough work in order to make a case for this issue. Dylan may feel that "his life is at risk" due to this issue but is this a valid case?

Google Traveling

We recently explained how Google just turned nine and also had its company shares exceed $600 each. Know it has become known that the founders of Google have added a Boeing 757 to their already impressive fleet for travel via the air. Google already owns a Boeing 767 and a helicopter, so I guess you could say that little by little they may reach a point where Google will come out with its own airline - maybe "GoogleAir". Who knows, but the 757 addition is quite impressive.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Al Gore Receives Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Peace Price for 2007 has been awarded (will be shared between) the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Al Gore Jr. The Norwegian Nobel committee decided that the Nobel Peace Price for 2007 will be shared by the two for their efforts to increase the amount of knowledge that has been spread throughout the world about the impact of man-made climate change and for providing information on how people throughout the world should go about reducing our risks of such change. Al Gore starred in the Academy Award winning documentary "An Inconvenient Truth", which discussed the issue of global warming and its possible effect on the environment.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

How To Get Google To Crawl Your Site More Often

Of course there are no guaranteed ways to make sure that the GoogleBot, a search bot used by Google which collects information from all over the Internet in order to make the index for Google's highly used search engine. Without having a sure way to get Google to crawl your web site, many people have noticed certain ways to at least increase your chances of getting crawled by the GoogleBot. Here are some examples, please remember that there are no guarantees and the following may not make a difference in the rate at which your site is being crawled at by GoogleBot.

*Build a sitemap for your users
*Have valuable and unique content published on your web site regularly
*Submit a sitemap file to Google Webmaster Tools
*Increase the crawl rate of your site within Google Webmaster Tools to "Faster"
*Have quality direct links from web sites already within the iindex to your web site

These are just a few examples and may not hold true in every case. We are sure that there are more methods out there and would love to hear them from you.

Business Pro Web Hosting Sale Over

The recent sale of our Business Pro plan has just ended. This means that IPOWERWEB web hosting will no longer cost $5.95 per month, although you can purchase our Business Pro for one dollar more per month - yes it's true...Business Pro web hosting for only $6.95 per month. In order to get this rate for our web hosting you must purchase the Business Pro package with a two-year plan.
Every Business Pro still comes with a free domain name, free domain name privacy protection, 2500 email account, a web site builder, and much much more. Don't worry if you were unable to take advantage of our web hosting sale, you still have the opportunity to purchase IPOWERWEB web hosting for an extremely low price. If you wish to receive more information about our web hosting products and services, we are available 24x7 via email and telephone at 888-511-HOST.

Holiday Gifts

Believe it or not, it's that time of the year again - "The Holidays". We are sure that you have already been thinking of what you planning on giving to your family and friends this coming holiday season; just kidding. Most of us cannot even believe that we are getting so close to December, so we have decided to help you out a bit. A recent national survey by Solutions Research Group of 1200 consumers noted that 3 out of 4 individuals that participated in the survey wanted a new technological gadget.
Here are some of the desired products that were listed in the survey.

2. Windows-based laptop
3. Digital camera
4. Windows-based desktop computer
5. GPS car navigation
6. Cellphone
7. Digital video camera
8. Nintendo Wii
9. Sony PS3
10. HD DVD or Blu-ray player

IPOWERWEB web hosting may have not made the list, but it does not mean that web hosting is not a desired gift. Every person and organization should have a web site, therefore you should definitely consider purchasing a web site for yourself or a loved one. If you purchase the web hosting plan today, you will only pay $5.95 per month with a one or two year hosting package instead of the $7.95/month regular price.

October 11th Is Here

Today is October 11th and this means that our world-famous Business Pro web hosting package will no longer be on sale following today. Therefore if you are yet to take advantage of this amazing sale, go ahead and purchase the Business Pro package on sale while you can. It will only cost you $5.95 per month with a one or two year plan and we can assure you that you will not find a better deal on the BusinessPro plan than through us. Visit the IPOWERWEB web site in order to learn more about the Business Pro plan and all the features that come with an IPOWERWEB hosting package.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

One Day Left For The Business Pro Hosting Sale

If you have visited our site or have heard from people around you, IPOWERWEB web hosting is currently on sale for $5.95 per month. This will come to an end tomorrow, where the Business Pro package will return to its regular price of $7.95 per month with a one-year package. Therefore if you are yet to do so or just need another hosting account, purchase the Business Pro plan as soon as possible because the $5.95/month price will no longer be here after tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

School Web Hosting

The Internet has grown in many ways in the past decade. We have gotten to a point where everyone and every organization needs a presence on the Web. This means that if you do not have a web site, you should definitely consider getting one. Or at least start by registering your own domain name, in order to protect yourself from having to settle with a domain name that may not be as desirable.
As we just said, it is very important that every person and every organization have a presence on the Internet. If you are a school or in education and do not have a web site, you should consider getting a web hosting account. Every school should have a web site in order to better serve their students, so if you know of a school without a web site - get them on the Web. IPOWERWEB currently has its Business Pro web hosting plan on sale and we do host .edu domain names therefore IPOWERWEB is the right host for your school. IPOWERWEB is ready to host any education-related web site, from pre-school web sites to universities. If you wish to receive more information about IPOWERWEB hosting, please call us at 888-511-HOST.

Single Digit Salary Earners in the United States

If you are wondering what a single-digit salary earner is, well it is a person whose salary is less than $10. It is important to not that these single digit salary earners are compensated by the company they work for via other means - such as shares of the company.
Receiving a single digit salary was famously done so by Lee Iacocca when he was reviving Chrysler. Employees, typically executives, receive single digit salaries in order to avoid taxes or to show that they have no personal gain from their work. In the case of individuals with single digit salaries which receive compensation via shares of the company they work for, by not receiving a "typical" salary it becomes a symbol that the individual has no peronal gain from his or her work other than the gains from company shares - which may please shareholders. The following people are listed as having single digit salaries. Please note that there are many wonderful people that actually work for free throughout the world - such as interns and volunteers. This short list includes executives and individuals involved in politics.

Jerry Yang (Yahoo!)
Sergey Brin (Google)
Steve Jobs (Apple)
Larry Page (Google)
Arnold Schwarzenegger (Governor of California)
Eric Schmidt (Google)
Terry Semel (Yahoo)
Michael Bloomberg as Mayor of New York City
Henry Samueli (Broadcom Corporation)
Bob Nardelli (Chrysler)

Flash Web Hosting Support

Every once in a while you may come across a web site that uses Adobe Flash for the majority of its design. To some Adobe Flash is highly attractive and they use it without even considering a basic HTML design. Flash can give you the ability to make your website look modern and bring your images to life. There are benefits and losses when you use Flash for the design of your web site, that is why we recommend you create both a Flash version of your web site and a HTML version of your web site. This way users that have already experienced the Flash version of the web site do not have to wait for the Flash pages to load, instead they could use the HTML version and get directly where they want to be.
Your web hosting account with IPOWERWEB does support Flash, therefore if are considering or already do use Flash - No Problem at All. We do support web sites created and utilizing Adobe Flash and if you purchase IPOWERWEB hosting by October 11th it will only cost you $5.95 per month with a one or two year hosting package.

Google Stock Hits $600

Google keeps getting richer and richer. Shares of the company surpassed the $600 mark for the first time yesterday and closed today at $615.18


615.18 +5.57 (0.91%) Oct 9 4:00pm ET
Open: 615.64
High: 623.78
Low: 608.39

Don't you wish you purchased every share you possibly could when the company had its IPO in 2004 at $85 per share? I guess we will now be looking forward to Google hitting $700 per share.

October 11th Coming Soon

Last week we decided to extend our extremely popular web hosting sale for a few more days. The sale of our Business Pro hosting solution will be ending on October 11th, which is this coming Thursday. If you need a hosting plan right now is the best time to get a new IPOWERWEB hosting solution, the Business Pro plan only costs $5.95 per month with a one or two year agreement. So if you are thinking about purchasing a new IPOWERWEB hosting plan, you will have about two days until the price of the Business Pro plan will return to its regular price of $7.95 per month with a one year agreement.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Wedding at Wal-Mart

A Springfield, Ohio couple decided to tie the knot in the lawn and garden section at an Ohio Wal-Mart. Chet Eldridge and Danna Hornback are both Wal-Mart employees whot got married this past Thursday at Wal-Mart after meeting one another during Wal-Mart's employee orientation. The two had their first date in the furniture section of the Wal-Mart where they worked and after they became engaged, a store manager suggested that the two get married at the store.
This is quite a unique story which we don't see everyday. Congratulations to the newlyweds.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Sale on Business Pro and Domain Names

Hopefully everyone is aware that the Business Pro plan is currently on sale for $5.95 per month with a one or two year plan. Well we would also like to inform you that our domain name registration services are always on sale. For only $6.50 per YEAR you can register your own .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, or .us domain name. This is an amazing price for domain name registration services, so if you are considering getting a domain name, register it with IPOWERWEB. The special domain name registration price applies to every extension we offer. Each domain name you register with IPOWERWEB comes with many valuable, and of course free, bonuses. Such as a free domain name parking page, free email forwarding and FREE WHOIS Privacy protection. For a limited time you can also receive a $50 Yahoo Search Marketing Credit by simply registering a domain name.
If you need web hosting space with your domain name, it is the right time to look at our Business Pro web hosting plan. With the Business Pro plan currently on sale you can purchase an IPOWERWEB web hosting plan for only $5.95 per month and you hosting will come with a wonderful free bonus - A Free Domain Name.

Less Than A Week Remains

On October 11th we plan on discontinuing our Business Pro web hosting sale. This means that IPOWERWEB hosting at only $5.95 per month will no longer be available. We highly recommend you take advantage of this great opportunity while it lasts. After October 11th, IPOWERWEB hosting will cost $7.95 per month with a one year plan. That means that if you purchase web hosting during the current sale you can save up to $2.00 per month on IPOWERWEB web hosting.

Zunes Will Support DVD Quality Video

It has been reported that the Zune 2 by Microsoft will support video of up to 720x480 at 30 frames per second(fps), or 720x576 at 25fps. It is believed that the two formats will only play at full quality via TV Out. The default display for the new Zune is expected to be 320x240. This is another plus for the new Zune and something to look forward to if you are considering a Zune. Please remember that in our previous post we spoke about the new Zune that should be released in mid-November.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Microsoft to Release Zune 2

Microsoft, the creater of the Zune media player has announced that it will be releasing the second version of the media player. It is believed that the new Zune is to be released on by November 13th of this coming year. This means that if you are a Zune fan, the new version is almost one month away. With the Zune having a competitor such as Apple and the iPhone and new iPod touch - the Zune and Microsoft have their hands full. We cannot say that the generation 2 Zune has use or function, this would be absurd. In fact people may prefer the Zune over an iPod or iPhone. The Zune 2 media player can automatically sync over a wireless network at any time the device is placed in its dock or being charged. So the feature of WiFi music syncing is a plus for the Zune 2. The Zune 2 will also support Windows Media Center TV recordings. Therefore the Zune can automatically import television recordings made through the Media Center of your Windows Vista computer. The Zune 2 will also support its own social networking site for Zune owners, which will be called "Zune Social". It will be quite tough for the Zune 2 to be as popular as the iPod or iPhone although the Zune 2 seems to be a decent media player and should keep Microsoft somewhat up to date with current media player technology, but as well all know with technology - this won't be for too long. Therefore we should probably expect a Zune 3, or at least an updated Zune 2 not too long from now.

40GB European PS3

We truly enjoy providing our readers with information on web hosting and how to take full advantage of all the opportunities available across the Internet. Every once in a while we write about issues and news unrelated to the Internet and web hosting. A great example of this is this current page, where we would like to inform you that a 40GB PlayStation3 is to be launched in Europe for €399 ($565) on October 10th. Also, the existing "60GB PS3 Starter Pack" will be reduced to €499 ($707), although this is while supplie last. Sony announced this information today in London.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

iPhone Coming To Canada?

We are hearing rumors that the popular iPhone will be making its way to Canada in a few weeks. It is believed that the phone will be sold at Holt Renfrew, a luxury Canadian retail store and will be priced at $799. This means that if you live in America you should be appreciative of the low price of the iPhone. No place in the world has a lower retail price for the iPhone than the United States. In Europe you may find the same price for an iPhone as in the United States although after converting the currency, the US comes out on top. It looks like the iPhone is visiting each country one at a time, who's next?

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Keep In Touch With Your Users/Customers

No company or organization is perfect. We all could do things to better our level of service, efficiency, and overall value given to our users or customers. A great way to learn whether or not you are doing things right and where you can improve is by asking your customers. In many cases you will find that your users/customers would love to provide you with feedback and help your business succeed - all you have to do is ask. Here are a few questions that you should consider asking your customers:

What Else Do You Wish Our Business Did?

Why Do You Enjoy Being My Customer?

Where Do You Think We Can Improve?

These are just a few questions and you surely can ask virtually any questions you wish, although the listed questions may be a proper start. Do not undervalue the importance of your users and you should always be working to better your business.

Lower Price...High Quality Service

We hope that you are aware by now that IPOWERWEB is now offering its Business Pro web hosting solution for only $5.95 per month with a one or two year plan. It typically costs $7.95 with a one year plan to purchase the world famouse Business Pro plan, but until October 11, 2007 the plan will be at the special discounted rate. It is a common belief that "you get what you pay for" and if hosting is this cheap, there must be something wrong. This is not the case with IPOWERWEB hosting. You will still have access to an award-winning vDeck control panel, 24x7 live telephone support, and much more. Nothing has changed in terms of quality during this sale. The only difference is that you will be paying less for the vest web hosting service on the Internet. If you are hosting your site with another company and are considering IPOWERWEB, remember that we do not charge any additional fees for transfer users and hundreds of people transfer their hosting services from one provider to IPOWERWEB on a daily basis. We take the selection of being your web sites hosting provider very seriously, no matter how much you pay for IPOWERWEB hosting you can be sure that your site is with the best and we are always ready to serve you. If you ever have any questions, concerns, or comments please call us at 888-511-HOST.

PS3 Price Drop...Again

Back in July we briefly explained the impact of Sony lowering the price of its video game system, the PlayStation3. The drop in price to $499 brought about a 2800% increase in sales on The PlayStation3 therefore became the number 1 selling item on Amazon's video game section. Well there is buzz that Sony is planning on lowering the price of the PS3 once again, it is believed that the PS3 will soon cost only $399. This is a wonderful deal for the game system, but of course not as good as the deal for IPOWERWEB hosting. Which for a limited time costs only $5.95 per month.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Good News - Sale Extended

We have decided to extend our web hosting sale. Now you can still purchase our highly popular Business Pro plan for only $5.95 per month until October 11th. This means that if you are yet to take advantage of this special or just need more IPOWERWEB web hosting, it's not too late. Just visit our web site, in order to learn more and purchase your new web hosting package.

Less Then An Hour Left

In an hour from now our popular web hosting plan, the Business Pro hosting solution will no longer be on sale. The Business Pro plan is the ultimate web hosting solution which combines three great solutions into one package. Every Business Pro plan comes with many great features, such as:

Free domain name
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and much more....

Make sure to purchase your new IPOWERWEB Business Pro plan before it is too late. The special offer is set to end very soon, don't be left out.

Not Much Time Left

Less than three hours remain until hour extremely popular web hosting sale for our Business Pro plan comes to an end. This means that after 12 pm today you will no longer be able to purchase the IPOWERWEB Business Pro plan for $5.95 per month, rather the package will return to its regular price of $7.95 per month with a one year plan. We highly recommend you take advantage of this special offer on our award-winning web hosting solution, it won't last for too much longer. Also remember that IPOWERWEB hosting does not go on sale too often, in fact this is the second web hosting sale we have had since coming our start - therefore you may consider this a very rare occurence. If you think you need a new web hosting, don't hesitate...we would love to host your web site.

Some Reasons To Eat More Chocolate

Many of us love chocolate although try our best to stay away from it due to health issues related to chocolate. Well we have some good news, chocolate is not as bad as some people may believe. We will provide you with a list of some reasons why it can actually be good for you. This does not mean that your diet should strictly consist of chocolate, but having chocolate on occasion may not be too bad.

*Improves blood flow to the brain
*Boosts mood
*Precents cell damage
*Reduces high blood pressure
*Improves blood sugar levels
*Reduces risk of heart attack
*Improves processing of blood sugar

These are just a few reasons why you should eat more chocolate.