Monday, July 9, 2007

PlayStation3 Price Drop

Sony the maker of many popular video gaming consoles recently announced that its PlayStation3 (PS3) system has dropped in price. The PS3 with a 60GB hard drive now only costs $499, which has caused a 2800% increase in sales of the product. The PS3 is now the #1 selling product in's video game section and is one of the hottest products on the site. The price cut of $100 is significant although the PS3 is still one of the most expensive video game consoles in the world. It is interesting to find such a significant jump in sales due to a 17% increase in price. Also if you have not heard, iPowerWeb has decided to continue its very popular 4th of July sale for a few more days. If you are yet to take advantage of the dramatic drop in price for iPowerWeb web hosting, please note that you only have until noon PDT of July 13th until the sale ends. If you wish to receive more information about this sale or iPowerWeb, please contact us at 888-511-HOST.

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