Monday, July 30, 2007

Custom Error Pages

When your website is hosted by iPowerWeb you can be sure that you are located on a great server in one of the world's best data centers. In some cases you may find that your pages are bringing back errors when they load. If this is the case you can always create custom error pages if you do not feel satisfied with our default error pages. If you have no idea what a customer error page is, a custom error page is the HTML or text pages you can create to provide a more personalized error to your users. When a user enters your site and encounters an error such as 404, you can create your own customized 404-error page for them to see. This way, the user does not see a generic error, and may even be presented with a number to call or an email address to report the error and obtain assistance. If you need more information on custom error pages or if for some reason your entire website is not loading properly, please contact our customer support at your earliest convenience.

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Anonymous said...

I got some help from a friend regarding custom error pages and how to make my web site search engine friendly. I like your support but my friend is the best, at least that's what i think.