Friday, July 13, 2007

Renaming Web Page Addresses

Every iPowerWeb hosting account comes with a free web builder which enables our users to build a professional website in minutes. When using our web builder tool to create your site you also have the ability to create your own url's for each web page. But in many cases, when a person creates a new web page (including a url) they generally may want to alter the content of the page or the url eventually down the line. At iPowerWeb we understand that this may be an issue, therefore we provide our users with the ability to easily rename their web pages and alter their website's content very quickly. Here is a quick list of instructions on how to rename pages on your web site.

Step 1:
Log into vDeck and click on Web Builder.

Step 2:
Click on Edit Pages.

Step 3:
Next to the page you want to rename, click the rename (T) icon.

Step 4:
Enter a new name for that page. Then click OK.

Step 5:
Your page will now be renamed.

For a screenshot walkthrough of these steps, please visit:

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