Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The World of Internet Marketing

We love to see companies, especially IPOWERWEB users succeed on the Web. This is no easy task when you consider the size of the Internet. Your competition is no longer necessarily local, rather you may have competition from all over the world. Here is an example, lets say you sell womens shoes in Chicago. Once you start your website and sell on the Web you no longer restrict yourself from having customers in Chicago, instead you may have customers from all over the world. This also means that you will most likely be competing with business located all over the world. Globalization has brought about an even playing field, where location is becoming more and more irrelevant. A business in Sydney, Australia can be as effective and popular as a similar business in Chicago.
Please understand that this concept is not something of the future, it is here now and will only become more and more powerful. We are not being speculative, this is the truth. The Internet has brought about an everlasting change to the way business will be practiced. Online advertising revenue in the United States for the first half of 2007 hit a new high of almost $10 billion, this is a 27% rise from the year before. Search engine advertisements, led by Google, were the most popular form of online advertising consisting of $4.1 billion in the first half of 2007 and responsible for 41$ of the money spent. YES that is true - 41% of the $10 billion spent on online advertising in the first half of 2007 came via ads through Google. If you are yet to consider promoting your website via Google ads, you may want to do so. Google has a highly popular advertising program known as AdWords where you can have an advertisement for your website show up on Google's search engine result pages.
Don't take the impact and value of online marketing lightly, we cannot say that by not advertising online your business will fail - although online advertising can surely help make a business or make an average business into a great business. Online advertising via places like Google, Yahoo, and MSN can help take your business and web site to the next level - take this seriously.
It is not difficult to start your own online advertising campaign, almost anyone in the world can do it. As long as you strongly believe in your product or service and are driven to sell it, you should have no problem leading a successful business.
We will continue to discuss online marketing and how IPOWERWEB can help you and your business in further detail at a later time. Remember that you do have the ability to make your site a success, a great way to get started in marketing your web site is by having a strong online marketing campaign. Give it a shot and don't be afraid to fail, if other people can make their sites a success you can as well.

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This is great advice on internet marketing. There certainly are new ways to online marketing nowadays but we mustn't forget to hold on to the basics.