Thursday, October 11, 2007

October 11th Is Here

Today is October 11th and this means that our world-famous Business Pro web hosting package will no longer be on sale following today. Therefore if you are yet to take advantage of this amazing sale, go ahead and purchase the Business Pro package on sale while you can. It will only cost you $5.95 per month with a one or two year plan and we can assure you that you will not find a better deal on the BusinessPro plan than through us. Visit the IPOWERWEB web site in order to learn more about the Business Pro plan and all the features that come with an IPOWERWEB hosting package.

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Firozali A.Mulla MBA PhD said...

October 11th Is Here
Sir. Makes no difference at the moment as the dollar is sinking and the CPI index is poor. Be it 11th October or 19th October the spending power of most of the Americans is in doldrums.
I thank you
I thank you
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