Monday, October 22, 2007

No Ads With IPOWERWEB Hosting

If you have experience with other web hosting providers you may have noticed that some force you to have ads displayed on your website. These ads are not controlled by you, the user, rather they are ads controlled by the web hosting provder. We would guess that the majority would not like having ads across your own web site and have your web hosting provider make money off you and your site, at IPOWERWEB we never place any form of ads on your website. You are in full control of the content located throughout your website and we hope you follow our user terms and conditions. With IPOWERWEB you will never have to worry about having ads located in many different locations, especially in locations you do not want. We will not list hosting providers that do this although it is a very common practice across free web hosting companies. We hope that if you are paying for web hosting services, you never have to worry about ads being located across your website.
At IPOWERWEB we always place the customer first and want to make sure that you are satisfied with the service you are receiving. Web hosting is quite complex because every user is looking for something different from their web host, yet at IPOWERWEB we truly try to cater to all our users. We do not feel that it is the right thing to make money off of our users rather you should be the one making money off your website. Therefore we provide you with many helpful and lucrative marketing tools. In order to learn more about the marketing tools included with every IPOWERWEB hosting account, please visit your vDeck control panel. So if you are concerned about having ads places on your website by IPOWERWEB, don't be. We will never place any form of advertising on your website . If you wish to receive more information about IPOWERWEB hosting and what IPOWERWEB is about, give us a call at 888-511-HOST.

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Anonymous said...

Its good to know tat there are no ads with Ipowerweb hosting.That can be a very good move to generate more sales.