Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Lower Price...High Quality Service

We hope that you are aware by now that IPOWERWEB is now offering its Business Pro web hosting solution for only $5.95 per month with a one or two year plan. It typically costs $7.95 with a one year plan to purchase the world famouse Business Pro plan, but until October 11, 2007 the plan will be at the special discounted rate. It is a common belief that "you get what you pay for" and if hosting is this cheap, there must be something wrong. This is not the case with IPOWERWEB hosting. You will still have access to an award-winning vDeck control panel, 24x7 live telephone support, and much more. Nothing has changed in terms of quality during this sale. The only difference is that you will be paying less for the vest web hosting service on the Internet. If you are hosting your site with another company and are considering IPOWERWEB, remember that we do not charge any additional fees for transfer users and hundreds of people transfer their hosting services from one provider to IPOWERWEB on a daily basis. We take the selection of being your web sites hosting provider very seriously, no matter how much you pay for IPOWERWEB hosting you can be sure that your site is with the best and we are always ready to serve you. If you ever have any questions, concerns, or comments please call us at 888-511-HOST.

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