Saturday, October 27, 2007

Requesting For a Link

Recently we have been writing about search engine optimization topics and what it takes to improve your organic ranking on the major search engines. One fundamental element for good ranking on the search engines is a good linking strategy and having quality web sites link to yours.
For most of people receiving incoming links is not easy, it takes lots of hard work and time. You can't expect to put your web site live and immediately have people link to you. Therefore in some cases you will have to go out and request for people to link to you. Most search engines recommend that you do not pay for text links, rather they should come to your site naturally. We would like to provide you with some rules to think about when you are proposing a text link request.

*Never title your email "Link Exchange Request"
This is largely due to the fact that link exchanges are not as effective as they once were and many site owners receive these kinds of requests on a regular basis and will treat your email the same way they treat all others, like garbage.

*Use proper grammar
Whatever language you are writing in, making sure your grammar is correct and read through your email once you have finished writing just to make sure it looks good.

*Do research and contact the right person
Visit the web site you are interested in receiving a link from and find the correct person to contact. Don't just contact any person or send an email to the first email address you find, email the person that is actually interested in receiving your email and that can do something about it.

*Don't base the value of a link strictly on PageRank
It is known that the PageRank toolbar cannot always be up to date. This means that it can actually be showing incorrect information due to the fact that it is not always being updated for the public.

*Avoid link exchanges
Link swapping is considered to be manipulation of the search engine algorithms, therefore please do your best to not practice in exchanging links with other web sites.

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