Thursday, October 11, 2007

How To Get Google To Crawl Your Site More Often

Of course there are no guaranteed ways to make sure that the GoogleBot, a search bot used by Google which collects information from all over the Internet in order to make the index for Google's highly used search engine. Without having a sure way to get Google to crawl your web site, many people have noticed certain ways to at least increase your chances of getting crawled by the GoogleBot. Here are some examples, please remember that there are no guarantees and the following may not make a difference in the rate at which your site is being crawled at by GoogleBot.

*Build a sitemap for your users
*Have valuable and unique content published on your web site regularly
*Submit a sitemap file to Google Webmaster Tools
*Increase the crawl rate of your site within Google Webmaster Tools to "Faster"
*Have quality direct links from web sites already within the iindex to your web site

These are just a few examples and may not hold true in every case. We are sure that there are more methods out there and would love to hear them from you.

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