Monday, September 10, 2007

iPhone Price Lowered to $399

Apple recently announced that the price of its 8GB has been lowered to $399 for the upcoming holiday season. The 8GB model is Apple's most popular selling version of the iPhone. The $200 price drop is quite significant considering the age of the iPhone, a phone that had been on the market for less than 80 days. In order to be in good terms with early iPhone owners, Apple has announced that it will provide all early iPhone owners with a $100 credit. The credit will surely please early iPhone owners who should be considered as Apple's most important customers. Many Apple enthusiasts were the first to own an iPhone therefore this move will surely please the iPhone owners.
The $100 credit could be used towards the purchase of new Apple products, which is a great deal for Apple. The credit will encourage people to purchase new Apple products, and in Apple's position they are hoping the users use the credit to purchase products that have higher margins for the company. The iPhone should not have any direct impact to the web hosting industry although we are quite sure that the iPhone will change the cellular phone forever.

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