Thursday, September 6, 2007

Best Search Engine

There are so many search engines all over the Internet. How does a person decide which one is best for them. This is a very tough question and quite difficult to answer specifically. Today people all over the world use search engines to locate useful websites, although how do we determine which search engine is the absolute best.
To be honest, we really can't say there is one search engine better than all. Many people will argue that Google is the best of the best, although this may not be fully true. Imagine you are in need of a search engine that could retrieve websites and results based on natural language search. Clearly there is not one search engine that has mastered this at the moment. By the way, the key here is "at the moment". When most people search on Yahoo, Google or MSN we use keywords to find what we are looking for.
So lets say we are looking for information on planting orchids. Today when we search the major search engines we would try to find useful web pages by searching "planting orchids" on a search engine. We are yet to have a search engine that is fully capable of providing us web page results based both on keywords and natural language. In the case of planting orchids within natural language search, we would search by entering "How do I plant orchids in my backyard and keep them from dying?"
Our point here is that it is not right to say that there is one search engine greater than all. This answer to this question varies case by case and we at iPowerWeb do not favor one search engine over all others. So if you are looking for one search engine that is the best, do your own homework and come up with your own conclusion. No person can answer this question except for yourself because you know what you are searching for, not some person writing an article 50,000 miles away that you never met before.
We do know one thing though, people will continue to use search engines to navigate through the Internet for a long time and search engines will continue to make great advancements and evolve. Therefore this means that the future of the Internet is very bright.

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