Saturday, September 8, 2007

vDeck Upgrade - vDeck 3.0

If you are an iPowerWeb user you have probably heard that we will be upgrading our vDeck control panel to vDeck's version 3.0. We will provide you with more information regarding this update in the near future. We will contact all of our customers via email as well as provide you with updates within our HelpCenter as well as the "Upgrade Kiosk" within your current vDeck control panel. All accounts will be upgraded one by one in order for us to focus on every single account and make sure the entire upgrade process is smooth. We are expecting for the entire vDeck upgrade process to last for a few months. We will do our best to keep all of our users informed although we highly suggest that you regularly visit our HelpCenter and your vDeck control panel in order to learn more about the entire upgrade process. We are very excited to know that we are providing all of our users with the absolute best in web hosting. The upcoming upgrade of your vDeck control panel will allow you to accomplish many great things with your web site. Enjoy.

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