Sunday, September 30, 2007

Keywords In Title Tag

Today people all over the world use search engines in order to navigate through the Internet. This means that it is quite important to have your web site ranked highly for queries you consider to be valuable. For example if you sell basketball shoes, you generally want your site to be listed highly for the search "basketball shoes". The Internet is very large therefore you will generally always have some sort of competition, this makes ranking on the search engines a bit harder.
What we mean is that you must prove to the search engines that your website is more valuable and important when compared to your competitors, and therefore you should be listed in front of them when a person is to search for your related term(s).
There are many elements that will lead to successful ranking on the search engines. One in particular is having your keywords in your title tag. The title tag is an important place to have your keywords located because what is written title tag shows in the search results as your page title. You should try to be descriptive and not "spammy". Your title tag should typically be no more than 6 or 7 words at most. Try to have your keywords near the beginning of the title tag and try to have unique title tags for every page on your web site.

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