Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Price Drop Leads to More Sales

In July we wrote about the sales impact of the Sony PlayStation 3 following a drop in its price. You could read more about that Here...
As we had told you a bit earlier, Apple has decided to lower the price of its iPhone by $200 after being on the market for less than 80 days. We would now like to tell you that the drop in the price of the iPhone by $200 has led to a boost in sales. Now some may argue that the sole reason for the sales increase cannot be fully attributed to the drop in price although it is safe to say that the driving force behind the boost in sales must be the iPhone's discounted rate. If you are a business owner and if the time is right, you may want to consider running a sale or a special promotion. For example, currently at IPOWERWEB you could purchase our BusinessPro hosting for only $5.95 per month. This is a great deal and you should not miss out on the opportunity to purchase IPOWERWEB hosting at a discounted rate.

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