Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Have As Many Pages As You Want

The title of this page is true. With iPowerWeb you can have as many pages as you wish, as long as you stay within your disk space boundaries. In the case of our BusinessPro hosting plan you will have 300GB of disk space. This means that you can have as many web pages as you wish as long as you stay within the 300GB limit. Your site can have as many pages as popular sites such as CNN, AOL, or MSN do. Well in theory you may even have more pages than these sites - the main thing is that you must stay within the 300GB limits. If you are not sure about how much space you have left, please visit your hosting accounts vDeck control panel or contact us.
If you are planning on setting up a new website and are not sure how many pages your hosting account will support, please understand that iPowerWeb hosting accounts give you the ability to have as many pages as you wish. So if you want 100,000 web pages - you could have 100,000 web pages. You are in full control of your website and its pages.

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