Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Poll Web Hosting

If you are a web site owner we are sure that you want to know that you could do virtually anything you want with your web site. What we mean is that you want the possibilities regarding your web site to be limitless. It is a great feeling to know you could add an album at any time, create a forum, or have live streaming videos from your site. You may never use any of the features that are available with your web site, but just knowing that the tools are there is a wonderful feeling.
We would like to inform you that every IPOWERWEB BusinessPro hosting plan comes with a feature that allows you to have a poll on your website. In order to learn more about this feature or to access it, please login to your vDeck control panel and visit the Power Plugins section. In a matter of minutes you could have a poll on any page of your web site where your users are voting and providing you with any sort of feedback you desire. If you are in need of a web hosting provider that supports polls, IPOWERWEB is the right choice.

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