Monday, September 10, 2007

One Millionth iPhone Sold

Many people believe that the Apple iPhone has and will change the cellular phone industry forever. People who had doubts on the impact of the iPhone may now have to think again. This is because Apple has sold its one millionth iPhone. Yes this is not a typo - 1 Million iPhones Have Been Sold.
Analysts were projecting that Apple was going to sell its millionth phone by September 30th - well Apple is ahead of schedule. Only after being on the market for 74 days, Apple sold one million iPhones and this number will continue to grow at an extremely rapid pace. The iPhone is a widescreen touch iPod as well as an Internet capable mobile phone. You could use your iPhone to visit your web site hosted by IPOWERWEB and even purchase your next IPOWERWEB hosted web hosting plan (which is currently on sale for only $5.95 per month). But Internet phone technology is not something new, many phones these days allow users to surf the net at any time of the day. Congratulations Apple - One Million iPhones Sold.

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