Saturday, September 8, 2007

Technical Support Manager

iPowerWeb is known all over the world for its quality web hosting services. iPowerWeb is respected for its affordable web hosting plans and its award-winning support. One reason that our customer support department is so highly respected is because our employees are the best in the web hosting industry. We are always hiring at iPowerWeb and are searching for highly motivated, dedicated, and happy people. One position that is open at the moment is Technical Support Manager. To learn more about this job opening please visit If you have any questions please contact us at

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Anonymous said...

I hope your Support Manager-to-Be will put in an ASAP request for many more members of your online support staff. I was always impressed by the fact that I'd only have to wait maybe 10 min. at the max to have someone enter the room. It's running a 1/2 hr. plus in the last couple of weeks. That's simply not right. My time is valuable as well, and it's not like I can multitask, for fear of missing the tech coming into the room. AOL had growing pains where they had to upgrade equipment, etc. I'm glad for Ipowerweb's growth, but the quality of service shouldn't decrease as a result. When your staff do enter the room, they're pleasant, and try their best to give assistance. Please solve your problems. I'd like to continue to refer new clients to Ipowerweb. BJ Peters