Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Register Your Name

Domain names should be viewed as real estate over the Internet. We can only have one www.AOL.com and one www.iPowerWeb.com. The same principle should be used with regards to your name. For example if your name is Jeremiah Trolly, the Internet will have only one www.JeremiahTrolly.com. Do not let others register your name, if your name is available register it as soon as possible. This includes the name of your children. If you have kids, do your children a favor and register their name for them. It only costs $6.50 per year to do this and it is a very easy process. All you have to do is visit our domain name registration page at, http://www.ipowerweb.com/products/domain-names/index.html and register your new domain names. If you wish to do this with the assistance of an IPOWERWEB representative, please call us at 888-511-HOST. We look forward to seeing your name registered as a domain name.

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