Sunday, September 9, 2007

French Web Hosting

If you live in France and are looking for a web hosting provider, iPowerWeb is your company. You could search on Google all day long for web hosting providers located in France although it won't matter at all. At iPowerWeb we are able to host almost all domain name extensions, including .fr. Your website hosted by iPowerWeb will load fast anywhere in the world, therefore it does not matter whether iPowerWeb is located in Phoenix, Arizona (the United States) or down the block from your home in France. As long as you are connected to the Internet you will be able to experience iPowerWeb web hosting at its finest and realize why almost one million people have selected iPowerWeb for hosting their web sites.
If you are worried that your web hosting provider must be located within your country or as close as possible, this is false. All you need is an Internet connection - that's it. You may find that a local web hosting provider may be best for you, but if you are limiting your possibilities due to location, do not do this. Whether its iPowerWeb or any other web hosting provider, all web hosting companies should be able to provide you with web hosting service and support. Currently, a great benefit in hosting your web site with iPowerWeb is that all of our prices are in US Dollars compared to most European companies who only accept the Euro. At the moment the Euro is far stronger than the dollar, therefore you will most likely be paying less if you host your site with an American company rather than a European provider.

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