Tuesday, September 18, 2007

$50,000 NBA Domain Name

The Charlotte Bobcats of the National Basketball Association have recently purchased the domain name www.bobcats.com from Barbara Roe, a bobcat breeder who lives in Montana. For its first three seasons in the NBA, the Bobcats used the domain name www.bobcatsbasketball.com because the domain name belonged to Barbara Roe. The Charlotte Bobcats have been pursuing the domain name since 2004, according to ESPN Roe has agreed to sell the www.Bobcats.com domain name for $50,000.
We have talked about domain names in relation to property in the past. This case is a great example of a person (Barbara Roe) who most likely had no idea that an NBA team was going to share the same name as her domain name and because she owned the domain name, Roe was able to sell the name for $50,000 and easily pickup another domain name. Roe now uses the domain name www.bobcatsmt.com and the domain name switch seems to be completed.


Anonymous said...

They pay millions of dollars for their players and only a one-time $50k payment for the domain name. AMERICA

Anonymous said...

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