Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Faster Your Site is, The Better

If you run any Google AdWords campaign, particularly for competitive keywords, you are probably somewhat familiar with the quality score ranking algorithm for all web sites running AdWords campaigns. It is yet to take place, but it is believed that Google will soon factor page load time into its quality score for AdWords campaigns.
This means that web pages that load faster have an advantage.
Here is an example. Web site A and web site B have the same exact AdWords campaigns and the same exact web sites. The only difference in what the two sites are doing is their hosting. Web site A is hosting its web site with one company while web site B is hosting its web site with another company. The speed at which each web site loads is different for site A and B. Therefore the web hosting provider becomes the deciding factor in which site will be ranked higher in the search results.
If the speed at which your web site loads matters to you, which should definitely be the case if you run an AdWords campaign, the IPOWERWEB is the right web hosting provider for you. Additionally, every new web hosting account comes with a $30 free Google AdWords credit. IPOWERWEB is recognized around the world for being one of the fastest shared web hosting providers and if you don't host your site with us, you should definitely consider it.

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