Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Go Live ASAP

The Internet gives every web site owner the opportunity to reach any person throughout the world fast, very fast. If you have a web site or are considering starting your own site/portal – get your web site up and running as soon as possible. There is not enough time to go through multiple stages of editing, it’s much wiser to publish first and edit as you are live. Making your site as perfect as possible once you understand what your users are looking for. The rules for the Internet have changed and will continue to evolve. What worked in 1999 may not necessarily work today and what works today may not necessarily work in 2015.
When you begin working on your next project make sure to get your web site pages up as soon as possible. In business it may not be the best to be the first, but it surely does not reward to be the last. Work hard and work fast and the results will be great. Don’t be afraid to make changes to your web site once your web site is live. Almost every successful web site makes changes on a regular basis and does not maintain the status quo for long periods.

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