Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Long Term Web Design

It is quite difficult to design the perfect web site in one shot. If there even is such a thing as a perfect web site. Web design takes work and it is difficult to predict how the general public will react to your web site. In some cases right when you publish your web site you may notice that users enjoy what you have done. Whereas in other cases this may be anything but the case. When working on the design of a web site, always remember that it will take at least a few trys before you get the web site right. In many cases it may never be perfect, but at least you can work to get close. Don't discontinue working on your web site after the first time you publish, look at your web stats and listen to your users in order to understand what direction to head in. Web design is a long term project, as long as you have a web site you should be focusing on design.


Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention how expensive web design can be, especially if you can't do design yourself.

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