Friday, January 18, 2008

4 Million iPhones and Counting

During his speech at MacWorld this past Tuesday, Steve Jobs (the CEO of Apple) announced that Apple has sold four million iPhones since its release this past summer. Yes 4 million iPhones in less than one year. On average Apple sells 20,000 iPhones per day. The iPhone has truly changed the cell phone industry and has become a wonderful product for Apple as well as the cellular phone carriers which support it.

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Anonymous said...

I hate that. I just learned (when my phone was stolen from my vehicle and I went to replace it) that the "discount" rate of $ 199 and $ 299 you get your phone for initially, whether at Apple or AT & T, is a ONE time thing. Replacement phones, regardless of why you need to replace them, are $ 399 and $ 499. I'm really feeling the love from AT & T for being a loyal customer at home, in my office and wireless for 20 + years.