Sunday, January 6, 2008

Best Marketing: Word of Mouth

A company can spend millions on advertising and not do as well as a company that virtually spends zero money on advertising. Rather the successful company focuses on operating the best company possible and in turn if its users are satisfied, the users will do the marketing for the company. If you are hosting your web site with an excellent web hosting provider, in many cases you will recommend that hosting provider to people you know who are searching for a new host. 
Word of mouth is one of the best forms of marketing and it generally does not cost any money. Rather than having a company that focuses on the construction of a television commercial, that same company may want to consider focusing on exceeding its users expectations and all its users to do the marketing for them. 
If you have your own company and are planning a marketing strategy, make sure to consider your company's image and performance. A business with great products and services may not have to spend as much advertising money when compared to a company that does not do as well. In no way are we saying word of mouth is the only form of marketing you should focus on, we just feel it is one of the best and most important. Word of mouth may not be able to reach a person or business 5,000 miles away, therefore other forms of advertising are necessary in order to reach those people.
At IPOWERWEB we highly value referrals and word of mouth promotion by our users. That is why we have our Web Hosting Referral Program which gives you a free web hosting account every time you refer three new web hosting users to IPOWERWEB.

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