Saturday, January 5, 2008

IPOWERWEB Pricing Information

For many the price of a product dictates whether or not that product will be purchased. Of course the quality and level of support is important when it comes to buying web hosting - although we are always seeking the best deal possible. Therefore when it comes to IPOWERWEB web hosting plans and our prices, we have done our best to make sure our plans are as cheap as they can possibly be and that you won't find a different price for our web hosting plans anywhere else. This also means that we have not and will never increase the price of our web hosting plans. The price you see on our web site is the price you will pay for our web hosting products and we guarantee that our IPOWERWEB web hosting plan cannot be found elsewhere for a cheaper price. If your web hosting plan was purchased through IPOWERWEB and you are receiving support from IPOWERWEB, in terms of technical and customer support, you will get the best deal for our web hosting via our web site.
Since providing hosting for our first customer web site in October 2001, we never increased the price of our Business Pro or Windows Pro web hosting plans, our two most popular web hosting solutions. IPOWERWEB is one of the world's fastest growing web hosting companies, this is largely due to the success of both our Business Pro and Windows Pro web hosting plans. If you are in need of a web hosting plan, either the Business Pro or Windows Pro will exceed your needs.

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