Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Internet Real Estate

Domain names are and should be regarded as valuable online real estate. Many domain names can sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars and this trend will continue for a VERY long time. It is great to have the best domain name possible for your web site, but you should also consider having the best domain names available on the Internet as well. Having one domain name for your business is great and this is fine, but as the Internet continues to grow, domain names are like real estate - just cheaper. You won't need a mortgage in order to pay for your domain names and if you are lucky, your domain names can pay themselves off quite quickly. At IPOWERWEB you can register a brand new domain name for only $6.50 for one year. YES that's true, only $6.50 per year for one domain name. So domain names can actually be very cheap real estate - but the profits can be greater than the actual profits of land real estate if done right. Hundreds of people register new domain names with IPOWERWEB and setup web hosting accounts. But please remember that you are not required to have a web hosting account in order to properly register domain names. You can simply park a domain name and maintain ownership of a domain name for as long as you wish.

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