Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Target the Right People

In many cases it is not best to have a marketing campaign that is intended for all people of the world regardless of age, sex, religion, and color. Rather than trying to get the attention of every single person, you as an Internet marketer should try to tailor your marketing campaigns to reach those who actually would consider your product/service. For example, it does not make sense to market foods for infants to 12 year old boys (at least in most cases). Instead a marketing campaign for a company that sells food for infants should be targeted to the people who actually purchase the food, parents. This may seem quite obvious but when marketing your web site, you should never forget this. Too many people try to be the perfect company for every person in the world and in most cases this model fails. Therefore next time you discuss and implement your next marketing campaign, make sure to target the right people. Always remember that the more people you reach the more likely you are to reach the wrong people.

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