Tuesday, August 7, 2007


What is eCommerce? It seems that so many people these days are talking about eCommerce and its significance. Well first we should tell you that this is very true, since the inception of the Internet, the role of eCommerce has grown at an extremely rapid pace. eCommerce is the term used to describe any business that is conducted on the Internet and uses applications that rely on the Internet. At iPowerWeb we try hard to help you gain an eCommerce presence. Every BusinessPro web hosting account includes an OSCommerce shopping cart and Agora shopping cart. Therefore you will have the ability to sell products off your web site via one of three shopping carts. We actually forgot to mention that every BusinessPro hosting account also comes with a PayPal shopping cart as well. iPowerWeb web hosting plans are ideal for small businesses all around the world. Our BusinessPro plan has received many awards due to its ease of use, reliability, pricing, and features. If you are considering setting up a new web site and need a hosting account, look into our BusinessPro plan. Even though it is one our lowest-priced plans - it may be our best. The BusinessPro package is iPowerWeb's original hosting plan and currently has over 500,000 users.

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