Saturday, August 4, 2007

Good Domain Names

You should never underestimate the value of your domain name. Your domain name will typically be the way people will know and remember how to get to your website. This means that if your domain name is difficult or to long for your users to remember, you may be in trouble. All domain names must be unique and no more than one person or organization could have a particular domain name. For example only one person in the entire world can register - this means that as more people get on the web and as the Internet grows, your chances of registering the best domain name possible most likely decreases. Therefore if you are yet to start a web site but have been thinking about it for a while, don't wait too much longer before registering the domain name. Please understand that you could always register the domain name and then setup the web site at another time, when you are ready. You never are forced to start the website immediately after registering your domain name - you always have time. Just to be safe, if you find domain name(s) that interest you and are available, make sure to register them as soon as possible. With iPowerWeb you can register many different type of domain name extensions for only $6.50 per year and if you purchase a web hosting account, your domain name is free for as long as you keep your hosting account with us. Also if you have already registered your domain name elsewhere, you can always transfer your domain name registration to be registered with iPowerWeb as well as transfer your hosting accounts from other hosts to iPowerWeb.
Just remember that if you are considering registering a new domain name, make sure that it is the best domain name possible for your web site. You want something that is catchy, sends your message across, and easy to remember. If you are not sure about which domain name to choose, ask your friends, family and business associates what they think of the domain names in order to help you make the decision. Don't forget that all domain names registered with us cost only $6.50 per year, this means that you could probably purchase three or four domain names with iPowerWeb for the price of just one domain name with many of our competitors. If you need any help with registering your new domain name, please call us at 888-511-HOST.

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