Wednesday, August 1, 2007

ERR Authorization Failed

At iPowerWeb we value customer satisfaction highly. We do our best to make sure your web site is perfect and that you are pleased with all the hosting services you receive from us. Our customer support department has won many awards and is recognized throughout the web hosting industry for its fantastic hosting support.
On this page we would like to talk about an error you may come across if you use our WebMail client to access your email. All iPowerWeb BusinessPro hosting accounts come with 2,500 free email addresses. This means that you have the ability to create over two thousand email addresses with your hosting account. An example of an email address could be, or Your email addresses are all POP3 and web based this means that you can use a web page to check your email such as our WebMail tool that is accessible via your vDeck control panel, or you may use email programs such as Thunderbird and Outlook, OR you could even have your email go through your cell phone such as a BlackBerry.
When using our WebMail feature you may run into the error "-ERR Authorization Failed". If this occurs, it is most likely due to you entering the incorrect username or password to access your WebMail account. Therefore it would be best if you return to the login screen and attempt to login to your account once again, although this time with the correct login information. Please be sure you use the correct login details. If you can no longer remember the correct login information for webmail, but have access to vDeck, you can do the following:

1) Log into vDeck
2) Click Email
3) Click Accounts
4) Click the Edit link next to the email account whose password you have forgotten
5) Type in a new password and click Update.

If you cannot log into vDeck either, please contact technical support by emailing You may also call 1-888-511-4678 option 1. Please have available the last 4 digits of your credit card number as it will be needed for security verification.

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it's wonderful to see ipowerweb has a blog. blogging rocks!!