Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Domain Name Pending Delete Status

If you surf the net on a regular basis or ever visit our website, your probably know how important domain names are. We place such a high value on domain names, you could probably figure this our by just visiting the iPowerWeb Homepage, OR by even visiting every other page on the iPowerWeb site. On the top left-hand corner of every single page we have an image with bold text promoting our low priced domain names. At the moment all people, both existing iPowerWeb customers and potential users, can register new domain names through iPowerWeb for only $6.50 per year.
Today we will discuss a status of domain names known as "Pending Delete". The Pending Delete status of a domain name is the final status your domain name will be in prior to becoming deleted. Please note that once a domain name is deleted it will no longer be registered under your name, rather it will become available to the public. This means that any person, organization or business will be able to register the domain name that you once owned and potentially disallow you from ever registering that domain name ever again. If your domain name has not been deleted yet and is in Pending Delete status, you still have a chance to renew the domain name and keep it from being available to the public. But let us warn you that it is VERY expensive to retrieve a domain name once it is in the "Pending Delete" status. Typically it just costs $6.50 to renew your domain name registered with iPowerWeb or even free if it is with your web hosting account. Although if your domain name is in Pending Delete status you may then have to pay a few hundred dollars.
If you decide not to renew your domain name please remember that you will not be the owner of the domain name anymore. This means that any person will have the ability to register your domain name. So lets say your plan is to not register your domain name once it is in the Pending Delete status; rather than pay the hundreds of dollars you may think that it would be best to just wait until the domain name becomes free to the public. Then once your domain name is available to the entire world you will go ahead and register it and save yourself lots of money. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars to renew your domain name because it is in Pending Delete, you now are able to register your domain name for just $6.50 or even free if it is with a new hosting account. OK.....so this is all if your domain name is not registered by another person once it becomes free to the public. That is a very big IF. It is highly possible for your domain name to be registered by others once it becomes free to the public. People register domain names and keep them for a living. Some people register domain names and resell them for a living. You could even have your domain name taken hostage by an individual who registers your domain name once it is available to the public and then offer to sell it back to you for thousands of dollars.
The loss of your domain name is not something you probably want. Domain names are essential for your business. You may have spent years and years building up your reputation and then lose it because you failed to renew your domain name. At iPowerWeb we understand the importance of domain names and therefore do our best to contact you and make sure that you inform us whether or not you wish to renew the name. To renew while in Pending Delete status, contact your registrar ASAP and have them renew the domain name! If your domain name is registered with iPowerWeb, please contact us ASAP at 888-511-4678. We have support representatives available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ready to help you with your web site and iPowerWeb account.


Anonymous said...

Having my domain name in pending delete status was not fun. That is why I just moved it into my web hosting account with you guys and now you do all the work for me, it has become so simple. I never have to worry about renewals and losing my domain name anymore

Anonymous said...

As long as people renew their domain names on time, domain name pending delete status should never be an issue - I guess it is easier said than done.