Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Catch-All Email Account

iPowerWeb web hosting products include catch-all email support. By the way, catch-all is not related to baseball or any sport. Rather a catch all email account is an email account that "catches all" emails sent to non-existent addresses at your domain. Here is an example of what a catch-all email would be and what it would do.
So lets say your domain name is www.my-domain-name.com. You have three email addresses under you www.my-domain-name.com hosting account; those are sales@my-domain-name.com, support@my-domain-name.com, president@my-domain-name.com.
Now what would happen if a person were to send an email to Sally@my-domain-name.com? Well you probably know that Sally@my-domain-name.com was never an email address used under your hosting account and maybe there may not even be a Sally at your business or organization. Still you may not want the email to disappear or never come into your email box, therefore you would setup a catch-all email account in order to retrieve all emails sent to non-existent email addresses on your domain name. If you want to learn more about how to setup your catch-all email or just want to learn more about the way they work, please visit our HelpCenter or call us at 888-511-HOST.

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