Sunday, August 19, 2007

Additional Plesk Licenses

When we first came into the web hosting industry we made lots of noise with our simple, affordable, and highly effective BusinessPro hosting solution. For only $7.95 per month a customer can receive a powerful web hosting plan with a free domain name. Realizing that some of our customers needed more than just our BusinessPro package we started offering many more web hosting and e-Commerce services. For example we launched our WindowsPro hosting solution, domain name registration services, as well as dedicated server hosting plans. Currently all of our hosting packages come with the award-winning vDeck control panel which allows you to manage your entire site from one simple location, except for our dedicated server plans. All of our dedicated server plans come with a Plesk control panel - which is still very easy to use and allows you to operate your websites very efficiently.
A common question which comes into our Customer Support Department is regarding our dedicated server plans and how to purchase more Plesk domain name licenses. First let us tell you that you are able to purchase additional Plesk licenses at any time. In order to do so please email and provide us with the the last 4 digits of the credit card on file along with the billing information on the server account, your dedicated IP address for your server, and the amount of additional Plesk licenses you wish to purchase. Here is a breakdown of our current pricing levels for additional Plesk domain name licenses for each iPowerWeb dedicated server.

The fees for more licenses are below:

30-domain license: Additional $10 per month per server.
100-domain license: Additional $20 per month per server.
300-domain license: Additional $30 per month per server.
Unlimited-domain license: Additional $40 per month per server.

If you wish to speak to a live representative about our dedicated server plans, please contact us at any time of the day at 888-511-HOST.

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