Thursday, August 23, 2007

Copy of Your Credit Card and I.D.

Security, particularly with the Internet and eCommerce, is essential and valued highly by many people. Even to this day people are worried about shopping on the Internet because of security issues and the fear of having their identity stolen by hackers and fraudulent companies. At iPowerWeb we take security and the identity of our customers very seriously. We are always working extremely hard to protect all of our customers, especially at the point of purchase. Signing up for an iPowerWeb hosting account is very simple and can be done fast from anywhere in the world. We intentionally make it a simple process although we do find cases where people try to abuse the system and provide us with false and fraudulent information.
If you order a hosting plan from within the United States you may get an email from us after the submission of your order requesting that you provide us with a copy of your credit card and your photo I.D. This does not occur too often for U.S. citizens although it can happen and we do our best to protect the identity of all web hosting users. The amount of fraudulent orders we have received has increased in the past few years. At iPowerWeb, protecting our customers is our top priority. Since most of our orders are through an online form, there is no person to person interaction and therefore we cannot stop hackers and people practicing Internet fraud from placing an order for an iPowerWeb product or service. This makes it easy for someone who is not the credit card holder to place the order. Since no items are shipped, credit card companies find it difficult to trace the criminal who used the card fraudulently.
Sadly credit card fraud is a reality and it occurs on a regular basis all over the Internet. Research studies have shown that most criminals using stolen credit cards do not actually have the plastic credit card on hand. Instead, they have documents of stolen credit card information. In many cases where we suspect fraudulent activity, we may ask the person who ordered the account to provide us with a copy of the credit card via fax or email in order to confirm that the card is actually of the person who placed the order.
We require a copy of your government issued ID and credit card. If you send this information to us via email, our representatives will print the e-mail and destroy the electronic copy. We take pride in protecting the information of all of our customers at all times. All of our web hosting servers and computers have security measures to prevent against hacking. The printed emails and faxes are all locked in a cabinet for safe keeping and access is only available to authorized personnel. It is quite obvious that no person likes to have their personal information or identity stolen, therefore many of our customers appreciate the extra measures we take in making sure that they are protected and that no hosting account is purchased using stolen credit card information. If you ever wish to receive more information on our billing security procedures, please contact us at 888-511-HOST.

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nice protection. cc fraud is never good