Friday, August 24, 2007

Early Termination Fees

Many of us our scared of early termination fees. There should be no reason why we have to spend additional money just to cancel a service. The idea of early termination fees are great for many companies and helps them make additional money, although it is not fair for consumers. In many cases it is cheaper to just stay a paying customer then to leave early and pay any termination fees. It is never fair to pay a termination fee especially if you have been a quality paying customer. People have reasons to cancel a contract all the time and in many cases it may not even be due to the other company's performance, rather it could be due to many other issues such as the discontinued need for a certain service. Many of our users and consumers throughout the world would agree with us when we believe that early termination fees could be unfair and in many cases are not necessary. At iPowerWeb we agree with this view and never charge our users and sort of termination or cancellation fees if they cancel. canceling your web hosting account or deciding to switch hosting providers is never a problem and we will never charge you any sort of early cancellation fee. This means that you have the choice to cancel your web hosting plan with iPowerWeb at any time. Please review our refund policy within our Web Hosting User Agreement in order to learn more about your agreement with iPowerWeb and information on how to receive a refund for services you have not used, please visit our User Agreement or give us a call at 888-511-HOST.
So if you are considering using iPowerWeb for web hosting and are worried about cancellation fees along with other hidden fees, do not worry at all. iPowerWeb plans do not have any hidden fees and we do not charge you extra for simply leaving. All web hosting plans are pre-paid and you do have the ability to receive a refund in certain cases. At iPowerWeb we work hard to please all of our customers, therefore if for some reason you are unsatisfied or have a concern please let us know. We are always here for you and your web site.

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Anonymous said...

paying to cancel is not fair. I can't understand why we let companies charge us to cancel their services.