Sunday, August 12, 2007

Adding a Subdomain Name

A benefit of hosting your website with iPowerWeb is that you could receive a free domain name for life, meaning that you would never have to pay domain name fees again - including renewals. But even if you wish to register a new domain name you could do so at our very low price of $6.50 per year. As we said in an earlier post, you will also receive free WHOIS Privacy Protection with every single domain name you purchase through iPowerWeb. A typical domain name looks like, an example of a subdomain is A great example of a subdomain is the page you are currently on. is iPowerWeb's homepage and our blog is located on a subdomain, If you have a hosting account with iPowerWeb you will be able to setup as many subdomains as you wish. In order to do so, please visit our online HelpCenter or use our subdomain form.
Please note that this subdomain form should only be used if your hosting account is on a Windows or cPanel server. If you have a web hosting account which uses a vDeck control panel you may setup up to 100 subdomains for FREE. Every subdomain can be setup through your vDeck control panel, therefore you do not have to worry about any forms or contacting us. In order to setup a subdomain through your vDeck control panel please visit subdomain manager located in the Domain Admin section. Adding a subdomain to your current domain could be a great thing, especially if you are looking to expand your website.

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