Thursday, August 23, 2007

What is Zend Optimizer?

Due to the fact that we host many web sites, we have many different types of customers. All of our customers have different wants and needs, therefore we work extremely hard to cater to all of our users. One common issue that is highly important to our users is that they want their web site(s) to load as fast as possible. This is a very common concern that is worthy of discussion, no person likes a web site that loads slowly. When our potential new users call our Sales Department, they regularly ask us about the speed at which iPowerWeb hosted sites load. A program that helps speed up Zend Encoded PHP applications. According to the creator's website, it increases speeds by up to 40% Zend Optimizer definitely helps although by simply hosting your site with iPowerWeb you will have your web sites load at very fast speeds - Naturally! All iPowerWeb hosting accounts are housed in our state-of-the-art data centers, which specialize in storing and operating web servers. All sites within our data center load at extremely fast speeds, generally independent of the size of the website being loaded. The only thing you must remember is that all web sites must be accessed via the Internet and therefore you will need a connection to the Internet. A significant determining factor for figuring out the speed at which a certain site would load has to do with your Internet connectivity speeds. So if you are looking to have your site load quickly you will need two things:
1. Have a fast Internet connection
2. Host your web site with iPowerWeb


Anonymous said...

What is more important that website speed???????? NOTHING

Anonymous said...

I probably wont use this, but keep writing. Not enough people are writing