Tuesday, August 7, 2007

What is a Web Builder

When you visit our web site you will most likely come across the term "Web Builder" at least once. Every iPowerWeb BusinessPro plan comes with a free web builder which is located in our vDeck control panel. A web builder is a web-based website building tool. This means that if you are an iPowerWeb user and have access to the Internet you could login to your vDeck control panel at any time and design your entire website via the web builder. The iPowerWeb web builder is very advanced and makes your website look very professional yet easy to use at the same time. Meaning that almost any person can use the iPowerWeb web builder to create and manage a website. There are never any hidden fees with regards to our web builder, what you see is what you get. You do not have to pay by the minute and you can edit your site at any time. The web builder does not force you to stick to one design for your website, designing your website via our web builder gives you the luxury to change the design of your site at anytime very easily. Also you may always begin the design of your site with the web builder and then switch to having a professional web designer design the site for you with no issues at all. We created our web builder to make web design as easy as possible for all of our users. So next time you speak to a person who feels that having a website is too difficult or they feel that web design is a complicated task, you should inform them of iPowerWeb's hosting plans. Not only do we provide you with easy-to-use web hosting programs, but our prices and reliability are the best in the entire web hosting industry.

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Anonymous said...

The iPowerWeb site builder is absolutely amazing. My site is so professional and I built it using the web builder.